Wednesday day thread

Morning all!

I really cannot be benefit analysed today.

My car has gone for an MOT (possibly a month late but I’ve lost the certificate from last year) and I’m try to make a dent in a pile of essays I need to turn around before Monday.

I’m probably going to spend the day listening to Flying Lotus and colour-coding spreadsheets in the pretense that it’s productive work.



if i have a receipt for £11 which includes £1.22 vat. What vat percentage is that? my expenses form says it has to be 5 or 20pc but it’s neither of those, right?

this is why I’ve literally never claimed expenses in my life. help.

but the form says only 5 or 20 are acceptable amounts, waaaaaa, why are they doing this to me? people with dyscalculia should not be left alone with expense forms

12.5% x £9.78 = £1.22

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They need to update their rules.

The Finance Act 2021 provides that a 12.5% rate of VAT will apply between 1 October 2021 and 31 March 2022.

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Morning everyone :heart:

Why does this always happen, I feel excited about posting in the thread, I start tapping and then realise I have nothing to add…


Hmmmm. Got a coffee on the go. Looking forward to the weekend?

Would you like to share a VAT problem with the group perhaps?


Will message you about this



Both of you had your fun weekends last weekend - don’t get greedy!


Hi Witches

I sympathize with your dilemma here

I always come i to these threads, post 1 boring thing and then leave for the rest of the day. Never now what to report after the first hello


Work internet down

How terrible

Nah, Your posts are great.

Aww thanks

(Apart from the typos ofc)

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Is this now the expenses thread?

I can claim travel expenses if I have to travel to another campus more than twice a week. It looks like I’m going to be in a building once a week before Xmas and then possibly twice after Feb. Neither of them is the campus I can walk to so I’m trebly annoyed at having to leave my house in the first place, having to drive to work and not being able to expense any of it.

Here ends my expenses chat.


ah man, that’s a silly rule, if it’s not your usual place of work then you should be able to claim. really grinds my gears that it’s so difficult for the people who need their expenses back the most, but the rich dudes who expense any old shit that they can definitely afford to just pay without even noticing can get anything signed off (and have an assistant to do stupid vat queries for them).

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Morning DiS! (it is still morning, isn’t it?)

You know when you’re driving your car and it isn’t quite right? Well, it turns out I drove 40 miles today with an almost flat tyre :open_mouth: Thankfully I have a footpump in my car, from when I made sure my tyre pressures were right when I started coming back into the office. Although if one’s gone down in that time… I don’t want to think about how expensive tyres are :confused:

Not quite two hours in. Somebody please kill me.

Mine’s definitely a first-world irk and the mileage I’d be claiming is pretty minimal.

I work for a college with multiple sites and my contract is with the organisation rather than the individual building (although I live really close to the one I do most work at).

I’m more annoyed about having to drive to work than I am about any of the others.

This is an awful way to talk about @Squandered and @aboynamedgoo though.