Wednesday daylight

I’ve been awake since 4.00 because The Child woke up and went back to sleep and now I can’t sleep.

I’ve had a pot of coffee and some toast with Biscoff (crunchy.)

The woman presenting the business updates on BBC was talking about flossing.

Come at me, bro/ sis/ cuz/ non gendered sibling…

Morning Keith.
Sneezed myself awake again. This time at 5:30.
Got to go to Dusseldorf for work. CBA.

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good morning keith
good morning aohexrwinkletoes
good morning weebl


Morning @keith and @Twinkletoes

I was woken up by next door’s kids inexplicably playing in their garden at 6am. Thanks for that.

Today my biggest little person is having a taster day at secondary school. This alarms me.

Edit: morning @overthehill


Morning chumps.

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Morning all, breakfast granola at Norwich station before London trip to give a presentation I finished writing about six hours ago…:confounded:



Morning. Got to leave for my hearing in… an hour. My anxiety/bum wee coping strategy for these things is to get up mega early to get it all out of my system (ahem), so I’ve already been up for too long.

Not too fussed about the hearing and am more worried about missing my five o’clock flight if it goes on too long.


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genuinely considered putting a load of washing on and hanging it up before work. yes, i am notproperly woke yet.

Save time and wear it to work, it is due to be warm.

Morning! Too hot to get back to sleep after my usual 6.30 wee. Two days off now though which is fun, got to go and get a haircut and some clothes for my sister’s wedding. I got a Working Tax Credit payment yesterday of around 10x what it normally is, anyone know why this might be? Could be to do with me not earning any money whatsoever between March and May? Weird, but also free money!


Morning Kieth and etc, hope Wednesday will treat you all well.

Our shower, which recently died, is being replaced today. So that is going to ruin my day off as the bathroom backs onto my room, no peace and quiet for me. I can’t even enjoy the garden as a substitute because the pollen levels are VERY HIGH :-1:

Hello. Going to work early for some whole staff meeting thing. Normally get out of them by just being incredibly blasé about it but I feel like I have to go to this one for some reason. Get a free breakfast though :ok_hand:

I made an effort to go to our department meeting on Monday because I hate missing out on information but the woman who normally organises them was at another higher-up meeting and the other senior manager is retiring in two weeks and didn’t give a shit.

Enjoy your breakfast!

Morning all
I ran out of work a bit yesterday afternoon so hope there’ll be something for me to do today. New job in a new team where not all the roles have been filled yet, so some of the stuff that will be my job isn’t happening yet

Right, time to go pretend that I’m a serious legal person in the world of law and not a babyman deep in mourning about the loss of his favourite children’s card game.


Morning all. I’m running late for work because I crouched down to stroke a cat and it climbed in to my lap and obviously I couldn’t move him. Worth it though, he’s one of my fave cats :heart:


Morning everyone :slight_smile: :wave:

Feeling a bit irked :expressionless:

Feel like garbage. Off to Leeds

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