Wednesday daylight




Like a…stupid girl?


Morning gang.

Beautiful morning here in b town

No builders today as the concrete from yesterday is still drying. Waiting for my neighbours to go to work so I can go have a shit in their loo.


Damn, got up too early and now I’m gonna be on time for work as opposed to my usual 20 min late

Hope today goes fast so I can crawl back into bed soon


I reckon it’s cause it’s sunny and he’s only happy when it rains.


Oh no - how come?


Security made me take my Switch out of the case in front of everyone, so we’re off to a cracking start with this.

I’ve got the neon JoyCons with me instead of the grey ones too, ffs.


Feeling a bit bad tbh, too scared to get on with some life admin stuff even tho it’s not bad at all and I’m just being a big weirdo. Might just go to Kew gardens, I know someone there who lets me in for free. Apparently David Attenborough used to go there when he felt depressed which is interesting, when I read that I was like :grinning: I DO THAT TOO


Ah it’s nothing bad and I’m mostly irked with myself. I’ve agreed to a trip away that I can’t really afford and I’m not entirely sure I want to go.

It’s with some friends I hung out with last night and a few times when we’ve hung out recently I’ve come away feeling a bit … not great :confused:


Oh no! Can you get out of it or is it not that bad?

I have that with friends sometimes, though with a particular group of friends more than others. Not really sure what to make of it!!


If it’s anything like plans made over drinks with my pals it will certainly not happen, and if it does surely they should check you can afford before booking it all properly? And you can get out of it, at that point?

Sorry you’re not feeling great. :hugs:


Gaaaah, I really want to bitch about it properly but I don’t really feel like I can in a public forum :laughing:

It’ll be fine. We’ll put you in a wig and you can go in my place, yeah? :smiley:

@unlucky thank yoou, you’re right.


G’morning. 3 people in the past couple of weeks have told me I look a bit broader around the shoulders?

  • You’ve put on weight
  • Excessive cycling is turning you into a Dorito
  • This is that growth spurt you’ve been waiting on since you were 15

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think you’re cycling wrong if it’s broadening your shoulders but not your legs, pal…


Cardio though innit, strengthens the core and that or something :man_shrugging: I don’t really know what I’m talking about but I stepped up the cycling quite a lot recently so thought it might be something to do with that.


Morning all,

Was properly irked by the traffic this morning, so that either means a) the traffic was genuinely bad (it wasn’t), b) my coffee was too strong (maybe), or c) there’s a bit of underlying hay fever which isn’t making me sneeze but is making me grumpy


Cycling doesn’t usually do that

Reduced waistline making the shoulders look broader?

Or do you pedal up hills out of the saddle a lot? Only things I can think of really


Also, I got followed onto the M25 by a Lamborghini. 15 year old me would have been very excited, but 43 year old me laughed at how much the owned had paid for a car, how they’d never be able to drive it to it’s full potential (because of speed limits and because they weren’t Lewis Hamilton), and how my car is absolutely fine getting over speed humps whereas they can probably cause thousands of damage to a Lamborghini.

And now reflecting on what I’ve just written I’m wondering when all the joy got sucked out of my life.


Could be exactly that, I don’t have any scales in the house so have no way of knowing if I’ve dropped any weight but perhaps I have.


Before and after photos posted here is the only way to be sure