Wednesday daylight



Manipulated my opponent into saying something really stupid :smiley: don’t even care if I lose now, the trip was worth it for the look on his face when he realised what I’d done.


I’m Not Well. Been feeling properly dodgy the past couple of days and today I have succumbed. Have got Frasier on the telly. This is making it worse.


“sorry, just to be clear that I understand your position - apologies for labouring the point - you’re saying that it means x?”


“Sorry, I’m not following, apologies, could you please do that in a diagram at the front”


“Thanks. Sorry. The thing you wrote earlier directly contradicts that YA DAFT PRICK AND NOW IT’S ON THE WHITEBOARD IN FRONT OF EVERYONE HAHAHA GET IT RIGHT UP YE”


^ definitely not a pretend adult


got an e-mail (to my work addy) from a letting agent asking for a reference for someone I used to work with

This person is an acquaintance at best, and hasn’t contacted me to check if this is ok or anything

bit off - what should I do?

  • ignore it
  • contact him 1st
  • do the reference

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its ok guys - I’ve contacted him. He’s an OK guy and I’m not a monster


Woke up at 04:00 due to trapped wind. Very unpleasant that.

Work should be quiet but I have to put up some posters afterwards. Really don’t want to do it but I need the cash.


Ended up getting into the baby’s bed at 2 to comfort him (some big horrid back teeth are a-coming) and just staying there for the rest of the night bear-hugging his soft sticky wee body while he karate chopped me all night. I’ve had a roll and bacon/ roll and slice and potato scone combo and a large tea, and I really should now get going and do some work.


your legs have got thinner


I’m at that age where the skinnies are going to have to go and bootcut (with slip on shoes) are my life now :disappointed:


You’ll be Birkenstock man in no time


I cycled to the briars by the pool (Doesn’t really work)


Off to a co-working day in an old church so it’s either Mexican or pie for lunch


But they’re so comfortable…oh god what have I become?!


Jetlag kicked in last night so neither of us could sleep until about 2am (we’re normally 10pm bedtime people). Bf tied a knot in an eye mask string and has been trying to un-knot it for about 4 days now so that was a fun thing to tuck into at 1am. String update: Still in a knot.


Oh fuck I’ve just realised the chairperson looks like German Geddy Lee and now I can’t unsee it.


How’s the new job going M Funk?


Does he speak like an ordinary guy?


You can still definitely be like “OH SHIT I’m meant to be doing X that weekend - arrggghh what a shame”