Wednesday daylight


I broke a tooth/filling came out eating dinner last night.

My dentists can’t fit me in until the 28th.
But my sister is a dental nurse at the emergency dentists in Croydon, so i might go there. It would be weird if shes the one treating me though, as there is no way that we’d keep straight faces.


@laelfy those frames arrived and they’re great!! Would recommend.




Ah I’m not near them at the mo. Take my word for it tho. So chuffed. Cost like half the price! I do have to attach the hanging bit on the backs tho, will probably duff it :smiley:


Yeah that’s me done. Just in time for my 7 o’clock flight…


get this man a badge



I missed before, where did you get them from? I have some framing needs.




Thanks! Got a couple of awkward sized things I really want to put up.


Really good thanks! Shop is open, they seem to be happy with me, I’ve got some responsibilities for ordering stuff with talk of more to come and it’s better than having no job at all like the last few months!


I hope you like them. I liked it because they had the exact frames I normally use when I go to the framers so I knew what to expect. They don’t seem to use glass tho, they use a kind of Perspex I think? It means it’s lighter tho which is good for hanging! I didn’t get any border things (I forget the name for them). I was quoted like 60-80 quid each for mine in the shop and they were only 30-40 online. They messaged me offering me an upgrade because they were concerned the frames I chose were too thin but I said they’re grand but it was nice to have been given the option. Anyway, framing is expensive isn’t it?! There’s probably cheaper places out there but I’m still happy. Wooo.


Think most of our frames cost more than the art


Woo! Sounds great!


I kind of like perspex instead of glass, mostly because I am paranoid about things falling, particularly as R is ridiculously tall, I get worried about him knocking things trying to reach them. Also in this house if you close a door even a little too hard all the walls near it shake.

The only actual framers near me never seems to be open, which isn’t very useful.


OH I am going to use these!
I found an original pic online of my bfs granddad playing golf but it’s been cut down by a few mm so it doesn’t sit right in a 6x8 frame so I can get this one made!

I also got a nice retro cape cod print for my bathroom so I can get my frame for that too :smiley:


Haha oh god, I hope you all have good experiences now I’ve recommended them!! :laughing: here’s my custom frames with the pics inserted and some close ups of the joins! Decent.


OMG how cute are those prints? Where are they from?!


Here :slight_smile:

They’re annoying though because they are 4 cm off being A2!!


Oh I love them!