Wednesday daylight


I’m having a really nice lunch today :slight_smile:


Multiple complaints in office about the stench of my reheated puttanesca this lunch. Am unapologetic.


Manchester airport is always intolerably warm and has far too few facilities for way too many passengers. Ugh.


Never heard it called etc etc


This place sounds good. Have two giant posters that came with Air’s The Virgin Suicides soundtrack that need to be framed and this could be the place I need.


Have we all seen Hey Duggee’s World Cup song?


It sounds like Scooter circa 1998; only better.


thing we might be bag buddies mate! I have that bag!


I’m going to throw it in the river.


Hope the seagull chins you.


It’s gone now but there’s a crow that’s giving me the eye.


It’s just a cheap cover of their stick song. I’m disappointed - it could have been so much more.


I can’t think of a single improvement they could have made.


Clarification needed: your bag or his?


Both excellent options.


Currently feeding the sparrows outside Schiphol from my hand, like some kind of Disney Princess.


Please can someone photoshop epimers face onto a Disney princess so I can see if it matches the picture in my head


it is pretty weird how much @meowington being back makes everyone hyper again.

she’s like a jelly bean with water in the morning for the boards


The Princess and the Pea-noid