Wednesday daylight




I have witnessed the greatest airport amateur of all time. I got so bored of waiting behind him in the easyJet Plus queue* that I went and joined the massive normo queue and still beat him through.


*I’m kind of a big deal


Left for work with two little bluetit fledglings in my yard. Just got back from work and one of them is dead in my drain which is overflowing :cry:

Can’t see the other one anywhere so I’m just going to assume it flew away and will live happily and healthily forever.


When I get home we have to paint the lounge

I don’t want to




But then at the end of it you’ll have a beautifully painted lounge! Yaaay. Your home looks really lovely from what I’ve seen. It’s aaaaall worth it.


to give you an idea of how my day is going, i just walked down the street and a guy sneezed. i said bless you calling back at him, and he just shouted ‘fuck off’.

i don’t know if he thought i said something else or just hates me for some reason


I’m having a fruit salad for dinner. My ancestors would be disgusted with me.


If you’re eating fruit salad, you are not eating dinner.


I wanted chips but the only places I can find are McDonald’s and the pub that’s full of stag dos


I’ve got Oreos for dessert.


Not until you’ve had your actual dinner.


he obviously means the delicious sweets. A big bowl of barratt fruit salads.


Can’t believe I fed my extra bread roll to the sparrows tbh.


Just found the other one (or rather my dog did - just pulled him away in time). It seems okay, but have had no sight of their mother so worried she might have been for at by a cat.


oh, how was the sweet chicken?


Go join one of the stag dos, you might enjoy it.


I got BBQ, obviously.


Can’t. Got parsnips to water, if you know what I mean.


I half do, probably a sign i need to spend last time on here tbh.


Gonna go see the star wars, solo I this eve.

Then read the thread obviously.