Wednesday daylight


Haven’t you got any mates who want to go along too?

Oh, hang on.




Dunno mate, side of chips and some energy juice and I think they’d approve.


Drank vodka and played vidya with my atd last night. Trekked across town hungover as fuck for a class and none of my students have turned up :grimacing:


Listening to the podcast @Kallgeese was on yday :+1:


Aaaaagh! It’s up?


It is indeed. Your passion for music is an absolute treat to listen to (I basically listen to podcasts to hear people talk passionately about things they love)



Helps if it’s also something I am passionate about!


Aw man, thank you so much! I’m glad it comes across well and I hope I’ve done Disintegration States justice.


Yeah, absolutely! Much appreciated :slight_smile: Just really enjoyed you chatting about Cork.


not possible


Had a friend at university who loved Scooter - to the point that he’d get really defensive about them. It used to really wind him up when we’d shout ‘move your ears’ along to this:




Ooooh. Where can I listen to Radio Free @Kallgeese?!


Here it is!


YAY! :heart_eyes: