Wednesday Daytime Thread

Morning all!

What are you doing?

Getting up … any second now

Must go outside because I feel very weird for having been inside all yesterday

Outside is overrated - don’t bother.

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i’m sporting my first ever moustache today, partly out of bordeom but also partly to noise up the girlfriend as i’m sure she’ll hate it, especially as i can put a small ponytail in my hair. :slight_smile:
got a busy wee day ahead.


Still trying to work out how I could regularly get into work (an hours walk) before 8, but struggle to get to the other room for 9.

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I started my day by arguing with Sainsburys on twitter about appropriate substitutions. I’m not sure whether this is the zenith or nadir of how things will turn out

Morning @keith, @JaguarPirate, @unlucky and @Lo-Pan, and an honourable mention to @rob.orch who was typing

What am I doing? I’m posting on DiS! But I’m also working from home, just for a change. It’s marginally warmer today, albeit cloudy.

:sunny: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sunny:

:sun_with_face: :crescent_moon: :clock1: :heavy_plus_sign:
07:45 16:41 08:55:33 +3:07
:sun_with_face: :crescent_moon: :clock1: :heavy_plus_sign:
08:16 16:35 08:19:39 +3:48
King’s Lynn
:sun_with_face: :crescent_moon: :clock1: :heavy_plus_sign:
07:48 16:34 08:46:19 +3:17
Salcombe, Devon
:sun_with_face: :crescent_moon: :clock1: :heavy_plus_sign:
07:55 17:00:00 09:04:25 +2:57

Been working since 6:30am in an attempt to keep on top of stuff, before I start homeschooling in 5 minutes. This juggling exercise is getting a bit much.

This morning I’ve had to ban my 12 year old daughter from using the microwave unattended; after I caught her absent-mindedly putting a metal spoon in there for a second time this week.

@meowington the salted caramel HxB are in!

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Another nine o’clock video call fuck off

Back at work. Is fun this work malarkey. Cba

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Got the rest of the week off. Motivation levels are low, but obviously about a hundred things will need to be done.

Got a big old fancy bottle of imperial stout to have this evening though.

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I’ve seen these too. Not sure though…


Somebody in the break room had had the cheese and marmite ones. They smell good

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we’re coming after you, LDN


What bottle?

Reverse charge VAT for the construction industry is causing me severe issues at work.

How is this my life. Fuck off

Nice delivery to start the day. I am Denise Richards in RHOBH @shes_so_high


2020 Wineybeest. High Spirits on Slateford Road often have a bunch of Wild Beer sharing bottles, decided to treat myself. And my partner, I guess :smiley:

(also there’s literally nowhere else to go get some of that sweet retail serotonin)

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