Wednesday Daytime Thread

Ooft that is a big one! Yeah my friend stays right around there, used to be surprised by some of the crazy things they had in there

I did a £30 lunch beer spend yesterday just for the sake of having a nice thing to buy too


Maverick breakfast - leftover chickpea and spinach curry with bacon and egg

Edit: this is fucking amazing


Having to do big life stuff and also take on bigger responsibilities at work because my manager is away for longer than anticipated. Don’t like it!!!

You’d never know I’m turning 37 in a few weeks ffs

My mood’s a bit rubbish today. Hopefully that won’t piss on the ENTIRE day

This kind of reluctant adulting is pretty much what keeps this forum alive.

It’s Wednesday is it?

What happened to Tuesday?

Payday tomorrow then, so that’s nice

Love putting really, really easy tasks on my to-do list.

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Out for a walk with a bike wanker


And then even doing those half arsed.

just had a horribly nasty message from someone I loved. you think you know someone.

should have heeded all the red flags, but it feels horrible to go through life not believing the best in people.

I feel shaken up, but weirdly I feel like I’ve been set free.

You’re justified in grieving the relationship and person you’ve lost, but I’m happy for you that you’ve got confirmation and closure.


Done: seven 5-minute tasks
Not done: any work on my two major projects which are sitting looming over me

I call that a total success :sunglasses:

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Write to-do list :heavy_check_mark:


thank you, dingers x

I feel renewed in trying to be always good and kind.

not that I wasn’t still trying on some level, but you know how pain makes people recoil and diminishes our capacity to be there for others?

it’s just made it more vivid again, now, because I’m not on my body’s emotional life support systems anymore (I think/hope). like, I feel that I actively can be more selfless again because I’m not so wounded.

sorry, this reads really awfully/selfishly :disappointed:

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have spent the morning doing some school work and then doing some calculation checking.

got another job on the boil, which is excellent, and i am very excited by both potentional oppurtunities, which is exceptional. i feel a little bit… blessed i guess? or whatever the non-religious version of that is.

got left over soup for lunch which i’d much prefer to swap for a greggs, but we shouldn’t.

got a third MRI in four weeks this evening thatll be fun

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Ordered some local hot sauces yesterday evening, just got dropped off - now that’s service!

Tropical fruits and scotch bonnet, apple rhubarb beetroot and habanero, and cherry cola BBQ


think I might be in shock a bit, actually

gonna go back to sleep

Both Leithal and Ocean Terminator are @anon19035908 League puns.


We’re waiting for our internet to be upgraded today. It says that it’s going to happen sometime before midnight today. There’s no engineering work involved (afaik) so why didn’t they just set it to go live automatically at 00:01 in the morning? Is there someone at TalkTalk who pushes a button?

I’m afraid not, as unfortunately Mark Hollis passed away some time ago.