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Morning Party People

I’m in the office today. Thankfully, despite the sub zero temperatures, the drive to work was uneventful. I’ve had far too many “eventful” drives in this kind of weather.

Thought I was on the mend but I’ve woken up with a stiff neck , bunged up ears and a massive headache

Not actually had a sick day yet despite being ill since last Sunday (took holiday on Friday) - so I’ve called in.
Just want to be better, also very depressed but at least my anxiety has dipped knowing I don’t have to talk to anyone from work today now. Life is so bleak RN :face_with_thermometer: :worried:

My son is coming round tonight (it’s his birthday tomorrow). So that’s good at least

morning troops.

waiting to hear back on a job interview, ofc.

wouldn’t mind it warming up, frankly, taking the piss now.

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School performance today, and I’ve forgotten my tissues.

Sure waiting outside school for the next 20 minutes will freeze my tear ducts at least.

Busy day today. Very anxious about it :grimacing:

Morning :wave:

Writing this from bed as mini is still sleeping (after an hour of screaming at 2.30am). Both still in laid up club. Boo. :pensive:

Think today will be a lazy day. Will pop to see my mum at some point, will need to pre heat the car though as it looks freezing out.

Got a bunch more Christmas presents we need to get, so hoping were better for later in the week/this weekend to get that sorted.

Looking forward to a coffee when I get up.

You got this day in the bag! Anxiety be gone :grinning::kissing_heart:. I hope the performance is suitably silly and emotional.

I’ve been away for a couple of days and can’t wait to see my kids and puppy!
Had some shocking news about a friends relationship so will check in there later and got my own infants school play to attend.

Best of all I am still in bed right bite having a cuppa! Time to move soon though.

Anyway, smash down the walls everyone and get what you deserve out of the day xxx

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I hope yours is inside, not outside like ours was.

I also hope that like ours, the teacher who’s running the performance would also be a shoo in for the hapless lead role in a kids christmas comedy like Nativity. Mr Prue seems to be a bit self concious about being a bit taller than average, has a moustache that doesn’t quite suit him, and is socially awkward around adults but great with the kids.


:hugs: hope you can have a nice relaxing day and feel a bit better.

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I’m on my way to the city for the day. Have a meeting there at 3pm, but this is the only ferry in before then so it’s a city day!

Cycled down through the snow on my weird little bike and all the true locals probably think I’m insane but that’s fine by me.

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Hello from Rio. It’s nice I guess to be sweaty as fuck rather than cold as fuck. The flight with a 1yr old was mildly rough but pretty decent considering.


got the job.


have this last five days experienced what i assume will be normal for everyone. The block of buildings including one in which i work has been hit with rolling power faults. it’s been quite the experience of trying to keep things going, in darkness, when you’re a retail business with constant worldwide deliveries to fulful.

i am ready for sleep and or death now thank you

Thanks - I hope you are doing ok with your own lurgies


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Hope everyone feels better soon!

I have gone full children’s TV presenter today


Hello :wave: got a coffee on the go and counting down to my last day on Friday :eyes:

Got a zoom with my cousin this evening to make PLANS. Fun PLANS. And chat.

Might crack open the dumplings for dinner this evening.

Eye is still looking shocking. Cursed eye.

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Just been asked to do a TED(x) talk.

What shall I do it on? Chai? Frasier?


So cold today that I’ve worn trousers to work for the first time.

So cold today that I’ve left my water bottle on my bike since 8am and it’s now frozen solid.

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Benches, obzzzz

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It’s almost certainly going to be this I think.


Manchester locations from a never-repeated but critically acclaimed 80s Channel Four series

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