Wednesday Early and Daytime

Morning all!

I’ve been awake since about 5am. The Child is still asleep but I think I was hungry. I haven’t had breakfast yet.

Please detail your breakfast and other plans here.

I’ve had a second coffee and some toast with biscuit spread.

Morning Keith!

Had yogurt, grapes and granola for breakfast. Sadly it was the end of the packet with not a lot of nuts.

Got another big old day, parents evening as well. Urgh.


Good breakfast work (even without nuts).

Is it live PE or remote?

Teacher crew reprazent!!!

So very tired. The original bairn(3 and a half) is getting up at least twice a night again all of a sudden and it is totally exhausting.

Bairn two (3 months) sleeping right through like a champ.

Busy day of inspiring young minds, then dinner and then bed like my younger self always dreamed of.


Remote via zoom but have to be at school as it starts before I’d get home if that makes sense…

It does.

I’m entertaining the idea of teaching some classes remotely from work over the next few weeks because I need to be in the building at various points to invigilate end of year assessments.

Bit of a pain having to juggle being in loads of places at once, isn’t it?

I feel like the rebooted bairn needs a clever subtitle to re-engage fans of the franchise.

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This is now the teacher crew.

I’m mentally destroyed by this weather and hanging on by a thread


Bairn 2: Lockdown Spawn


I did a remote parents eve a few months back and it was amazing

The appointment system automatically linked you to the right teacher at the right time and cut you off when the slot was over - no more queuing in crowded school corridors, parking chaos or everything running late as people talked for longer than their allotted time

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Woke up at 6 abs briefly considered getting up for a pre work bike but warm bed won and I dozed instead

Just had toast and marmite, juice, finishing off my coffee

Massively CBA

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Mornin all!

Got a slot booked at the tip later this morning, so looking forward to throwing loads of cardboard in a big skip shortly.

Sunshine and blue skies at the moment, so if that stays maybe a bike ride later. If not, another rainy dog walk.

Oh and breakfast was a couple of toasts and a cup of tea.

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Tea: Assam (loose leaf, obviously) and a splash of semi-skimmed milk, served in a white porcelain mug.

Watch football

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Woke up to the kitchen smoke alarm chirping away about its battery. Snapped the pegs which hold it to the fitting whilst taking it off the ceiling. New battery installed and gorilla tape applied.

Nice to have some sunshine this morning after 3 days of wind and rain.

Another big day Online coming right up!

Been having lots of mundane DiS dreams recently, last night I went on holiday to an office where @1101010 worked and he said I could have a big gummy sweet but then his boss told me off when I did and it ruined my holiday :frowning:


Wow, that’s nuts. My boss would definitely never be upset at someone eating a big gummy sweet although he might possibly take the piss out of you in a lighthearted Lancastrian way, I guess?

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This offers me some comfort, thank you