Wednesday Early and Daytime

Are you going to savage them on Trip Advisor?


I think today might be the day I sort the piece of work I’ve been avoiding for about a fortnight and will probably be completely painless. Maybe? Stay tuned.

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Morning all

the builders are gone and I’ve got the house to myself!

Sadly I have meetings from 9.15am to 2.50pm :sob:


is it gonna rain today?

  • yes
  • no

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Get yourself a wireless headset and that gif could still be a reality.

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Morning all!

Sun is shining here at the moment so that’s nice. Just had fruit bread toasted (with plenty of butter) for breakfast and now finishing off my coffee while I start WFH. Got my quarterly review with my line manager at 10am and then booked in for a lunch time swim at 12.30pm :slight_smile:


well, fuck

Somehow only just discovered McVities put palm oil in Digestives, FFS. :roll_eyes:

had keto cake for breakfast.
Another day working on a project I lost interest in about 3 months ago

Nice day today in the deep south. Might make a cake* then go and sit in my parents’ garden for a bit.

*watch my wife make a cake.

Morning Keith and chums,
My breakfast - Coffee

2 almonds to help my body absorb my vitamin D pill


Good morning

Still have no appetite so no breakfast plans but going to have a dhal soup at lunch.

Did that Chinese rocket fall yet?


morning, dreamt I went to see The White Stripes in a tiny venue and I was throwing fruit at Meg White and she was doing crazy drumming poses and I was taking photos of her. I’ve played too much Pokemon Snap.

Just assume everything has palm oil in unless told otherwise tbh

Getting some bitters delivered today @JaguarPirate


morning! today is a dressed up top, pjs on the bottom kinda day.

I too had granola for breakfast! Put a bit too much honey on it but I’m not complaining :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I can’t believe I met up with you that time when you’re so full of palm oil!

who/what you go for? to the cocktail thread with you!

Dr. Adam: Brazillian, Dandelion and Burdock

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i’m going to be looking after a cat today

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