Wednesday early evening thread


Just loving life. Hey.


hello DB. i’m gonna walk home soon and have stirfry for tea and i’m looking forward to it.


get the keys to the flat tomorrow. excited but suddenly feeling oddly full of worry about what could go wrong and stuff. wife and kitten both feeling it too - everyone’s a bit fractious. once it’s actually all happened and we’re moved it’s gonna be amazing but having a rare moment of angst

work is going really good though and tonight having a team meal which will be fun


spoiler [/spoiler] evening everyone


Going to get my ear pierced :sunglasses:


probably gonna drink a few pints.


I’ve had that too


we hadn’t noticed here chief (safety wink size of the moon - good luck!)


post piccies


i hope you get tetanus.



putting underwear on usually relieves the tension in times like this.

(seriously tho, congrats and good luck)


I’m going out for dinner in a bit an I’m thinking

might not wear underwear
might get a taxi instead of cycling
might get even more drunk


I’ve got the lurg but going to power through to go to the gig my friend is playing because it is her birthday.


please don’t encourage him.


guys not wearing underwear, and i’m not sure if i’ve mentioned this before, is life, as meo would say (not about underwear though)


forgot how much I love being drunk


hi. glad I didn’t have anything to do today, my hangover seemed to last forever. damn disers!!!

going to eat a pie later, I guess. no plans other than that


Im gonna have a great hangover tomorrow wow


There’s been lots of debate today about how the day works. I think I’ve nailed it but am open to discussion.


I haven’t said this yet but congrats to you and your wife and cat regarding your new new flat!! :champagne:

EDIT: Massive congrats to Darwinbabe too… hope you’re still drinking wine in the bath :smiley: :thumbsup: