Wednesday eve the eve of Wed

Hi. Been busy. What have I missed xx

I helped assemble a wheelbarrow. Asked why we now had a wheelbarrow. Was told “in case we might need a wheelbarrow”

Ok then.

that’s when you know you’ve made it I reckon. when you’re buying and assembling wheelbarrows without actually needing to use a wheelbarrow, possibly forever.


Evening had a nice pub lunch, walked back, was hoping to stop by a pub but it was shut.

Leftover pasta and cake for tea.

Should probably finish my Viking book but may just piss about on the internet.

I’d quite like to think that @Unlucky is writing a book about vikings, but he’s probably just reading one

No plans for tonight yet, but it’s early days. I’m having another low alcohol night tonight - I think it’ll probably Good Things Brewing’s 1.5% offering I reckon, which is probably the nicest low alcohol beer I’ve had (best not get confused and drink the DIPA by mistake)


My Viking knowledge is limited to what I can remember of this book, so I do not think I will be writing a book soon. They sure got about those Vikings though.

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Inlaws are watching the telly on mute again. Makes me feel very weird.

Also, what do people usually do when counting calories and they get a tasty local Indian? I just recorded 1700 calories and hoped that was just about accurate.

80% of my calories for the day then.

Anyone got a wheelbarrow I could borrow?

Burritos for tea. Play some switch. Read moby dick. Rinse. Repeat.

Just found out on twitter that lily allen married hopper from stranger things, didn’t know they were together, good for them

In other news I’m off to the shop but the long way by the stream where I hope to see some ducks or a moorhen



Pretty much just ate an entire packet of fizzy pigtails.

Feeling so haggard and old and NOT ATTRACTIVE.

I blame the pandemic for ageing me horribly the last while. Aaaatrghhahahsjeiebfmd.

… anyway, hi friends. Today’s been a bit mad. It is my Thursday though so that is something.

Bought myself some chisels too! Going to chisel things whilst I watch Aquaslash. My workmate suggested it to me, what a bloody good workmate.

I went to the country park and had a coffee

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Fucking hell I just watched the trailer.

:grimacing: boke.

Want an early night but I think my mum wants us to wash the dog which will be an ordeal and a half :tired_face:


Another day another dinner. Fake meatballs and pasta today.

Then it’s the other half of thor as I kept falling asleep last night…🤷


Cooking curry. Kids are here although one of them has gone out without any dinner already.

Hopefully I’ll get to watch an entertaining film with the other two

Think having a massive meal just before swimming. Wasn’t the best idea

Evening all. @JaguarPirate asked for a pipework update, so you’re all getting one :wink: 20 bars of CO2 cleared two entire buckets of sludge from the pipes, but the subsequent increase in pressure to its natural level (the tank is 50m above the house so it should come out like a jet hose) has cracked the neighbour’s water inlet. It’s an auxiliary pipe off my system on my property, so it’s basically my problem, but my plumber near-neighbour should be fixing it tomorrow. Been showering under a trickle these last 9 months and putting up with it getting worse and worse, so this morning’s 4.30am cannon-blast shower was quite the wake-up call :smiley: Ah, the joys of rural life off the mains water grid…


Elsewhere, a Pulp mix on the kitchen stereo, rustling up prawn curry for dinner with a couple of cans or mibbe a dram, then early book & bed for the ridiculously early morning shift. Clean sheets too. Yus!

Oh, and for accountability’s sake, tomorrow I am going to do a bike after work no matter how tired I am. You heard it here first.