Wednesday Eve


What you eating, doing, watching? Is Masterchef on? Who knows anymore.


Ate a salad and a bag of crisps. Sitting on the couch watching the tv work. We might watch a film in a bit <3


No idea about masterchef sorry


My Friday so I want to have a takeaway dinner but can’t choose where to go.


Nor do the BBC atm



I’m trying to decide if some music I’ve made is shit or not




I’m waiting for the TV to finish work, then nipping out to pick up some guac and soured cream then cooking up fajitas.




Poke bowl!


We had enough Chinese chat last night profk!


@sarahispi takeaway poll:

  • Chinese
  • Indian
  • Mexican
  • Pizza
  • Chippy
  • Other

0 voters


There’s no good Mexican takeaways in Leeds (and LeedsME are welcome to correct me)


Eating at a Michelin starred restaurant, going to a film premiere, sex all night long in a 5-Star hotel :+1:


The BBC’s handling of the current series of masterchef is so atrocious that it’s the first time in my life that I’ve considered the licence fee not worth paying


My flatmate has ate the last custard doughnut. So just had half a peppermint ritter sport.


Still on this fucking coach and not even lit now fml. Gonna get a Chinese tonight as didi wants Chinese. Not a massive fan tbh


I might start paying it if they are pissing masterchef fans off.


Are you lo-pan in disguise?