Wednesday Eve

They should put the 6 o’clock news on at 3 in the morning that’ll show them liberal lefty licence payers.

Can’t remember the last time I watched something live on tv.

He’s telling you to get a mohican.

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At work until 8:30. Normally on my long day, I go for a walk at 5 to get some fresh air, but I had a half hour unexpected phone call at 5, and when it had finished everyone else had left.

I’n feeling quite angsty now that I’ve no had my walk.

@epimer @laelfy anyone else

These are the kitkat flavours on offer
-green tea
-green tea w/cherry blossom
-green tea w/raspberry and almond
-hokkaido melon
-shinshu apple
(I think… some aren’t labelled in English or with clear pics)

Oh wow, I’m assuming you’re not eating them because they’re not vegan? My preference would be for one of:

-green tea w/cherry blossom
-green tea w/raspberry
-hokkaido melon

I can send you some postage money

Partly that and partly i’ve already tried them all at least once.

PM me your address? They’re only the little ones so I’ll bung a few more in

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Not that good?

Errr I like em but once you’ve got over the novelty, I probably prefer normal chocolate. Always preferred dark chocolate anyway.

hate to dine out on other peoples achievements but after nearly 3 years working unpaid with various orgs and living on babysitting money my gfs been offered a traineeship at her current place :smiley: dead proud


Can you bring one to the meat for me?!! :smiley: like the most disgusting one you have!!

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Durain fruit flavour

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I have eaten durian before. Or I’ve at least smelled it.

Masterchef isn’t on till 9 I think :scream:

Left work early to take my bike to the shop.

Came home, made Thai noodle soup.

Gonna drink tea and read that new Ronde book for the rest of the evening. Got a packet of Reese’s bunny bastards to get through too. Also need to decide what day to do Big Bike Ride. Either Friday or Saturday.

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Sure thing boss.

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Let me know what it’s like. Could do swapsies on the Irish cycling book…



Kindled it like a pleb haven’t I

Leaving work in a wee bit:

  • Fish n chips
  • Siu mai and squid from the Chinese buffet takeaway
  • For gods sake woman eat some vegetables

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Idiot dickhead. That Sunday in Hell book by Fotheringham is purely about the 1976 Roubaix and the film. Looks dead good. Decent interview with him on the Rouleur podcast too.