Wednesday Eve

Evening guys. Had the most infuriating day of meetings which stopped me doing any work and achieved absolutely nothing. Just found out the guy who was helping me move on Friday night has just had a baby THREE weeks early so I’m presuming I’ve lost my helper :cry:. It also means that his tv’s baby shower on Saturday is now cancelled, which in turn means I have 24 nipple cakes going spare…

What’s are you eating/up to and etc? I’m having goats cheese, squash and pancetta tagliatelle with gazza b.


They look bloody good.

Not sure what I’m having for tea. Down pub at the moment. Having a cheeky cig. Dunno what to do tonight. TV is at work late.

That sounds like a damn fine tasting bowl of pasta :+1:

It’s not bad. Needs some pine nuts to be 10/10.

Fringe looks fine!


mate those nipple cakes are yum!

neighbours think I have foxes in the garden. I did hear some weird noises the other night.

Went out there, couldn’t see any dens but sprinkled some of my hair around and pissed on the trees just to be sure.




Having a shitter here. Wife-o went to the gp today cos she’s had a bad back for a couple of weeks, turns out she’s slipped a disc :grimacing:

Trying to cheer her up with homemade lamb kebabs for dins.

Had a day of doing literally nothing, it’s been great. Slept until 9, the baby has slept for the vast majority of today, which could make this evening and tonight tough.

Having Cajun chicken with salad and cous cous and a few bevvies

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Sorry to hear that jezo, have they given her some painkillers?

Fajitas for tea. I’ve made some spicy mushroom filling, salsa and guacamole. Non-drinking night, so regrettably no beers to go with it.

Got some new t-shirts today. The mustard yellow one is way more banana yellow then mustard. Good ts though.

Cakes look well good, very jealous here.

Heading to meet the TV. Both of us are beat after work today but I’ve bought her her favourite chocolate and also GTAV to cheer her up. We’re meant to be going to an arts night later but I’m too tired.

Oh, and here’s the podcast I was on last night if anyone wants to hear me waffle and listen to some Cork music?


Are they fondant fancies? I could murder a fondant fancy.

Edit - this was meant as a reply to @laelfy

Interesting fajita combo, got any sour cream / cheese with that?

Thanks pal, aye loads of cocodamol. She’s signed off for a week. Tried to convince her it was good timing with the WORLD CUP starting. Did not go down well :grimacing:


They are indeed. Come help me move some stuff and you can have a box


Oooooft. Yeah, back problems are no joke.

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Yep, both. Just listed the stuff that I’ve made though.

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