Wednesday Eve


They are indeed. Come help me move some stuff and you can have a box


Oooooft. Yeah, back problems are no joke.


Yep, both. Just listed the stuff that I’ve made though.


They sound flipping great. Think I’m having leftover takeaway this evening.


What’s your takeaway? I seem to remember you saying once you’d never had Chinese takeaway, is that true?


Leftover takeaway is no bad thing.


The cakes are tempting, however I fear that I might be a bit far away.


Chicken and blackbean sauce. Hmm. Don’t think it was that! Indian maybe!


apparently adult male urine deters them


I don’t mind if foxes want to enjoy my garden it’s just the neighbours will hate me or something


I didn’t know this.

Foxes not keen on inter-species water sports then?


Sweet, will give god a listen soon! :+1:




evening folks!




I’ve just noticed how many moth traps the tv put up around the flat when I was away.
There was one up before I left, there’s now 7.

Got some homemade some and garlicky as fuck croutons for dinner.


Unless they have chickens why would people be upset about foxes in the garden?


Right, I’m off to do some packing. If you see me on here before 9pm please shout abuse at me.


hi laelfs. :wave:



makes their dog bark at night apparently