Wednesday Eve

No. Thing Another thing
1. is it common knowledge you can make nicely formatted tables :question:
2. it is new to me :sunglasses:


when you back at work?




hi gang. having chilli @profk

bought some kale to make roasted kale but then forgot about it and didn’t have enough time to roast it so just steamed it @Unlucky

watching more ‘the staircase’. still not really enjoying it but hey ho.


Week Friday. Back for 6 days then a week off on n.devon

1. this is going
2. to revolutionise excel
3. threads

how DO You
hi ttf make tables i
2. FUCK can’t figure
it. o u t


I’ve learned never to start a sentence with ‘I wish I had a slipped disc because…’

Been helping her with the exercises the GP recommended and she’s got her own back by calling me the Daphne Moon to her Martin Crane :grinning:


Collecting my baggage. Was first through passport control again. That should be a sport.

Going to get 'er indoors to order me pad Thai while I’m hooning it home up the M11.


Just been out to Oberhausen’s finest Thai restaurant. It was fine.


speaking of which from the plane landing in vegas it took us 25 mins to get off and through security, think that’s the fastest I’ve ever gotten out and airport from landing. And the us customs/passport control is generally an absolute cunt, the chap was even quite pleasant.


I am out and about and hammered


With my ace pal


I frigging love Chris Packham


I had PT then popped over the road to my trainers new spin class she does

I feel like @plasticniki would like the location…


Errr love island

Also bring her some prune juice or she’s gonna have a case o the @japes


Hey that was a pretty great Star Wars story. The best since 1983 for me.


Culinary opportunities not as good as on your last work trip?


Jezza: I wish my disc had slipped so I could watch all the football at home.
Wife: That can be arranged.


I had a much better day at work today, despite infuriating catch up classes and meetings with colleagues. I think I’ve been up fifteen hours.

I am over 50% through my exam marking. Only 79 papers left.