Wednesday Eve


watching a film eating popcorn gif


Evening all,

A bit late to the party, but what with toddler bedtime, a mountain of washing up and eating dinner I’m only now just back into things. Hope you’re all good.




I don’t. This only started being a problem a few months ago.

I probably should, but the thing is… it isn’t a difficult address. The street numbers aren’t weird, it’s a proper odds one side/even other, more or less in sync, the whole way. It’s just that Google Maps shows my address as the beginning of the post code, outside the church.

It’s a matter of PRINCIPLES, Witches!!





Your posting recently suggests otherwise


When my penoid pals have come round they find it nae bother.


Also deliveries.


Get them to deliver you takeaway then


i don’t understand what’s happening buti enjoyed thist


Can either

  • Watch the cricket highlights
  • Do some constructive flat hunting
  • Go to bed

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Didn’t mean to vote and was supposed to close in 10 mins :man_shrugging:


Go to bed and I’ll find you a flat


Deaded. Covered in paint now.


Will you buy it for me to?


Should’ve got some on the walls instead m7


Thought that was against your principles


Alright dad


It’s looking good chief! Love your fireplace/hole.


What shall we do with it??