Wednesday Eve


Gonna watch this Matthew Heineman docco on the iplayer.


Principles before I looked at the price of Partick flats. :wink:



I’m assuming it’s decorative? We found a very cheap Victorian cast iron fireplace locally and bunged that in there. Gonna tile it up in the near future I think.


What’s your budget and do you want a fixer upper or something finished? I’ll be your Kirstie Allsop.


You’re going to have to pick another DiSer to be your Phil whatshisname in that case.


Err I guess about 150 maybe 165 with ‘help’

Got a viewing on Monday estate was a but snotty with me cos it’s listed at 150 and I said my budget was 150 and she they sell for 5%-10% over and I was gonna say yeah I’m taking that into account but was just like sigh book me in.

Been sent another one, which looks good a bit further West.


Is that the City of Ghosts one?


You know it man. Missed it during it’s short spell at the cinema last year so itching to watch it. Have you seen it?


Also ‘I have not carried out an inspection Japanese knotweed’ is a great phrase


Was it on BBC 4 a couple of days ago? Think I watched it, but I’m pretty shot atm.


1 or 2 bedder? That will be easy south side but not so much west end.


Ah yeah it must’ve been! Ha it must be difficult to concentrate on anything other than the wee gal at the moment.


The 2 I’m looking at a 2 bedded, but would happy with a decent sized 1 bedder.

Can DM you the 2 I’m looking at if you want?


Message me with your upper and lower budget, bedrooms and general areas and I’ll find you something. I’m trying to avoid preparing for an interview.

I know you posted that map the other night but I want named areas/ train stations of areas you want/ don’t want.


Drunk at one of my very favourite film festivals. Partcipated in a panel about gender and inclusion and so on earlier today — I was the only person to use the word feminism. Lol.


It was pretty decent then. I’ll have to whack it up on the ol’Chromecast and give it a rewatch

It’s ok atm, trying to do the late shifts so the TV can sleep at night. That normally means a 3-4am bed time, and she’ll wake me up again around 6am. Last couple of days have been better. Did nothing today except cuddle and stare at her and the day passed in a flash.


Yeah do. I’ve found a good one already.


Thornwood, Whiteinch (but probably only the bit closer to the park), Shawlands, St George’s Cross), Woodlands…, Mount Florida maybe.

Budget is 150… for the sake of argument.


Ah man those sound like some great Dad times, despite your constant zombiefied state I imagine :grinning: Right touch with you know what starting tomorrow too. Slip a disc if you’re after an extra week’s pat leave taps nose


Partick, Yorkhill, Kelvinhaugh.