Wednesday Eve


I’m back at work a week Friday, then have 6 early shifts and am on leave for another week. Plenty of fußball time. And it’s Le Tour soon too. Might have to break a leg or summit


Had huge huge amounts of free food and wine


Thoughts and prayers chief.


Was at an event and got a little cardboard box of leftovers for my lunch tomorrow mmmmm


So it’s me vs @laelfy for the 5% finder’s fee!


Fucking hell I thought there was ice cream in the freezer, apparently not?


I’m overwhlemed already, there’s so much choice!


I stocked up earlier, can offer you a classic Magnum, strawberry split or a Fab?

I realise this is in no way actually helpful, sorry.


nice shoes. very almost bought a pair of those today (different colour though) because annoyingly I’ve lost one of the pair I have. how do you lose one shoe?

been gym. was nice and quiet for a change (maybe cos it’s pissing down?) got in and out in 45mins. perfect.


:wave: all. Pretty good day off watching shit tv and getting a haircut. Shopping tomorrow for clothes for a wedding. Urgh.


I am now very irked that you’ve lost a shoe japes


Anybody got any Netflix recommendations (non horror preferably)? The staircase and wild, wild country aren’t doing it for me atm


you watched hind munter?


Made pickled onions. Bought a massive plant. Watched the first episode of Deadwood. Couldn’t work out what the fuck they were saying half the time, but Lovejoy was good.


Think so. That the guy who tries to change the way they analyse crims in the cia/fbi/whatever?

EDIT; yes it is


berkley marathons? you’ve prolly seen that one

documentary about the stupid hard race


No i haven’t, I’ll give it a whirl


It is good. Just incase you didn’t quite trust japes opinion.


Love lovejoy.

May I spy your plant pls?


Found Line of Sight (that doco about alleycat racing). Will save BM for another night.