Wednesday eve.

Alright? Had a pretty shit day involving my car being a bit fucked and annoying work stuff. Got jacket potatoes in the oven though and about to make a chilli to go with them. Gonna watch TV and drink a beer for a nice change of pace. YOU?!?


fuck work! amirite?


Tbh I really like my job just had a load of little fiddly things to do this afternoon that shouldn’t have annoyed me as much as they did.

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it’s ok, if your bosses are reading this I think you did a great job and should get a raise!

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Good evening! I rented a bike to cycle back from work today which was horrid as I am not used to doing even 20 minutes of strenuous exercise. I felt like a dick compared to everyone else and their racing bikes and helmets.

Not sure what to have for dinner. At this rate it may just be some beautiful mackerel with pasta

do people say “a raise” in England or is that a US thing?

They’re on holiday in Barbados so it’s highly doubtful!

Very busy day with little to show for it.

Only mushroom omelette and chips can save me now.


Evening all :wave:

It’s been a funny old day, in that two fairly major (and good) things happened within about three hours of each other:

So I’m feeling happy but a bit “what the fuck just happened” about it all. We’ve got a mini bottle of prosecco so I might have a hilariously small glass later :slight_smile:


Going to Self Esteem tonight.


Sup? Just had a microwave curry because my sense of taste seems to be going, don’t think I’m imagining it (LFTs still negative for now)

Amazing news!

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Bag of haribo and an early night for me
Not sure if that’s me shovelling sweets in my gob or yawning…


Went to the corner shop very thirsty and came back with:

  • 1 Capri sun
  • 2 bottles of robinsons dilute juice
  • bottle of ginger beer
  • can of Coke Zero
  • can of San Pelligrino
  • carton of Ribena

Going to do the dishes now.


oooh I’d love to squish an ice cold capri sun into my mouth right now


Awwwww yeah. It’s the first thing I did. Nothing better.

Do it like Gazza, dentist chair style

the only thing I know about Gazza is that he cried once sorry

Hiya. My gf’s parents are staying with us so I’m having a quiet beer by myself before I go home. Best beer I’ve ever had.

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The whole story is quite sad but yeah, this is what I was referring to (including his own reference to it in celebration)

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