Wednesday eve.

Hey up. Feel poorly like cold and achy and exhausted

So we’ve ordered a dominoes and I’m installed.under the blanket with bake off to watch in a bit.

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GWS Slickers! :heart:


Evening all!

I did most of my marking and ended up agreeing to take over some extra work that shouldn’t have been given to my new colleague.

I hit a dragon with a sword and beat another boss in Dark Souls 3, which means I only need to beat the three hardest bosses to finish it.

I’m going to book club to talk about Piranesi tonight.

We had oxtail and sadza for tea. It’s been cooking all day.


I went to the office for the first time in a year and half today. It wasn’t quite as bad as I expected. I still came home just after lunch though. There is now a Greggs in North Greenwich tube station. That wasn’t there before.

That’s about it from me.

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Could easily go to sleep now but feels like a bad idea.

Tapas then gig

An outstanding juice run :+1:

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Off to London Town tomorrow morn, sharp flight so up early doors the morrow.
Gonna nip out for a swift pint then back for dinner and packing.

Still at work :yawning_face: got no brain power left and can’t even think what food I have in at home if anything. Two days left in this job, can’t end soon enough tbh. Might catch up on some chorizo chef tonight if i can stay awake long enough.


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sorry i meant horeetho chef



I’m starting an acting class in Manchester in about half an hour. No idea how it’ll go and it’s not what I specialise in but it’s about time I did something like this (last time was 2015!) and hopefully I can make new friends and have positive new experiences :crossed_fingers:



Had a shit day with the kid. The kind that makes you feel like a fucking failure. As such, miserable, grumpy and that’s compounding other issues. On the plus side I’ve had pizza and a nice play with the eldest. More washing up now

my housemate keeps eating/drinking stuff I’ve bought, which honestly I don’t give a shit about, life’s way too short for that shit, but then he replaces those items with items of a significantly lower quality which is irking me. i’ve told him to chill and not to worry but I don’t wanna have to now eat a load of horrible bread because its simply there.

like, its now become my problem to eat the shit you buy to replace those items, even though I told you I didn’t care in the first place.


living alone is wonderful.


Scrolling’s changed on the site so you see the avatars follow you on long posts. Good idea but I hate change.

Replacing all of my lovely beers with cans of Fosters?

I have been there.


its even worse than that.

Bread that tastes sweet, potatoes that aren’t the potatoes I usually buy, and terrible full fat milk.

Just fucking eat the shit if you need it, and don’t worry about it, but plz don’t shift the obligation to eat the bad replacements onto me.

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