wednesday evening 1504: the thread

it is now after 6pm and thus officially evening and time for the appropriate thread, so here it is.

any plans tonight? watching masterchef?!?!

might crack a beer i guess.


i’ve been considering this since about 3 this afternoon. maybe it’s time :thinking:


i will if you do


always frowned upon people having their dinner early but i had mine at 5.20 today and it felt great

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Evening Eric!! I have now stopped resisting the lure of a wine each evening, life is too short and actually there’s only 600 calories in an entire bottle so it’s fine.

I have had a productive day what with honeycomb, lemonade and carrot bacon making. Now got some jollof rice brewing for dinner then might watch that hotel film with Jon Hamm. You know the one.

Also went for a nice little bike ride with V. And planted some nasturtium seeds. Simple things isn’t it?


no multiple choice?! you disappoint me.

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excellent stuff slick :grinning: :+1: :wine_glass:


ah god, i’m not fit to do the polls am I :frowning:


is that true?! bet there’s fucking 600 calories in one can of sludge easily. ffs.

It’s weird as the kids complain when we eat late, mainly as I get home from work late as they say it makes the evening shorter. I argue that it is the same length…

Anyway, having now eaten occasionally at 5ish for the last few week it definitely does make for a longer feeling evening. No chance of that continuing though…

It’s sunny so I’m going to have a rum and Ting cocktail :tropical_drink:


never even considered ting as a mixer. could be a game changer.

lockdown tea time

  • earlier than usual
  • normal
  • later than usual
  • no set time (maverick option)

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Just downed a coffee, so not sure whether to go straight onto beer or wait a bit.

I should start drinking more again, I think. not drinking sucks.

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shall i have sludge or the giant tins of red stripe i bought?

I googled UK recipe and the used the good housekeeping one. Just tahini, oil, syrup and soy sauce.

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sludge, and then the tins as a treat/palate cleanser.

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Hi. Been watching a lot of Sopranos today, and will continue to do so. Currently making a garlic & herb chicken pasta salad thing for tea. Gonna hit the gin in a bit.