Wednesday Evening: A Thread

sup? what’s for tea? owt on tv? aob?

Burritos for tea :burrito: masterchef on the box :tv: gotta do a few hours work too though :sleeping:

V. jealous of your burrito eric. Going to opt for some bad pizza and whatevet finger food is at my girlfriend’s housewarming party.

Getting some invoices and emails done before that. Off to Dublin in the morning for a family reunion, followed by Electric Picnic all weekend so I need to get shit done NOW.

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Feel a bit woozy cos had a few beers when perhaps I shouldn’t have but I’m not gonna die am I.

Spicy butternut squash soup, going to dip potato scones in it, because I can.

Probably finish season 3 of the west wing. Maybe… 1 more beer.

Need to make some weekend plans so I don’t go out of my mind.

Yo Eric and etc. Bolognese for tea, along with some wine my flatmate’s cousin left for letting him stay here. Not gonna watch any TV, gonna try do some holiday planning

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Bastardised thai green curry (w/ broc, spring onion, pak choi, chickpeas, chillies, celery, rocket, chilli). Was banging tbh. Trying to get my housemate out for a pint now.


I’m at work until 8:30pm, but today is my Friday.

Tomorrow it’s my mums birthday, and we are getting a boat from Westminster to Greenwich, wandering around having dinner there.

Friday I’m heading back to London to go to see a play in the evening.

Can’t wait.

Solid evening that.

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Pork and beans was excellent.

Wor Lass is going to an exercise class so I’m childwatching.

Will try to do an episode of Iron Fist and read my book if she’ll sleep soon.

just remembered there’s beers in the fridge :muscle:


Eating the sushi that I forgot about at lunch. Watching Masterchef and then I have someone coming round to interview me for their masters.

Might make burgers. Dunno tho man. Really dunno.

you’re a free man, you can eat whatever you want!

You’re god damn right.

Just had burgers and savoury rice. Couple of chilled beers with the TV, watching the cycling highlights and masterchef.

Call it friendo

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Rice and chickpeas dishes (and less excitingly, porridge) are very good for filling you up when you don’t feel like eating or doing anything. I have what can only described as a masochistic eating routine but I tend to think if I eat a proper cooked meal at least once every 2 days, with intermittent toast, that’s survivable. But it’ll get better dude, and in honesty the act of cooking can sometimes be an accomplishment and the energy from the food and the task itself can help improve your mood if only for a bit - I say go for it.

Chicken and chorizo jambalaya. Pretty good but not fixing how grumpy I am after getting 2 hours sleep (I’m on night shifts this eeek) because my housemate decided to hoover just outside my room and woke me up.

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Sorry, this normally sorts me right out.

hi eric and etc

had some veggie sausages that I’m stealing from my flatmate (who’s on holiday - I will replace them before they return) because I didn’t have anything.

someone left a few cans of carling here a few days ago. should I drink one?

  • of course
  • go out and buy some beer that’s drinkable

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Ban whoever it was from your house.