Wednesday evening and I'm hungry

So hungry. Blaming nandos, McDonald’s and sweets in that order.

What u bouncin for dinner. I’ve got a reduced Kevin pieminster pie.


Had some Quavers on the train

Dinner still an hour or so away

The odyssey

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pot noodle and apple. maybe porridge at bed time

really fancy a McDonald’s for dinner. wonder why.


:rotating_light: :clock6:


I played squash this morning, my legs are killing me.

Didn’t have any lunch though so I decided that allows me to have pizza, some crisps and cider.

Total bullshit and I’m lying to myself but it was an effective excuse


Sat in the bull & gate. Feel like an irl DiS meme.


Bloody love a Pieminster pie.

Evening all. I’m in that horrid stage of a cold where my throat is sore and my nose is runny and I keep sneezing. Was absolutely fine 24 hours ago ugh.

Evening! Had a stressful day comforting my wife who was worried about the cat being at the vets but that’s all over now :slightly_smiling_face: Treat day so got a massive lasagne and chips in the oven and 1 of 2 beers on the go.


Walking to Arthur’s house so we can mix more MueseuM music. Apparently we have seven straight hours of improv to edit. Going to have to fuel myself with cider for this.


how do you begin to start with something like that?

M9 check what time bam posted the evening thread the other day and get back to me fam.

oh yeah don’t forget it’s bin day tomorrow btw

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as long as it’s after 5 and the daily thread isn’t lively there’s no issue

Easy tilto et al. Playing a bit of Astral Chain and waiting for the missus to get back so we can eat. She met the new speaker’s cat today with the fantastic human name of Patrick:


M&S vegan kievs. We’re going to get some chip shop chips to go with them.

Bugger all else to report.

Happy eveninging everyone.

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doing this

no regrets. corn flakes for tea.

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Got to say, I’m a big fan of food and the eating that of. Glad I got that out.

Ooo Mr Pieminster, with these exquisite pies, you’re really spoiling us

Meera Sodha chana saag, thanks for asking

Everything’s getting on top of me again in that - no idea if the gasman’s come yet/if he’s still yet to come and I need to be alert/if he came and did see something he shouldn’t and I will soon be homeless. Also my work wants me to work overnight over Valentine’s day to :cry: manage :grimacing: a team of Americans nooooooooooo but it’s actually less hrs so less money fuck fuck fuck
Also meant to be going back to Uni next week but literally nobody has thought to clarify what’s obviously a timetable meant to be split into further groups, or provide any reading lists, and I’m just fed up of the world being filled with inconsiderate fucks tbh