Wednesday evening - disappointment edition

For the VONC will be disappointing

I’ve got pie, mash and gravy for dinner so that’s something. (Why are none of these things properly represented in emoji form? Not sure what sort of pie this is :pie:)

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I won tickets to an advance cinema screening of a movie that I know absolutely nothing about.

So here I am, on my tod, waiting for some random movie to begin.

Where is my papa johns!!!1!10

what’s a vonc?

having pies and mash for dinner, could be good but could be disappointing. will report back asap loading up a hard drive with tv shows and crap to watch over the next 6 weeks while i’m off-grid.

Having sweet potato and butternut squash soup for tea. Listening to Rozi Plain and giving the baby a bath.

Vote of no confidence

Veggie stir fry for dinner, and a bottle of Siren Caribbean Chocolate Cake stout for later.

Bracing myself to watch parliament with disdain later.

ohhh you mean corbygeddon, gotcha


Had my dinner really early. Aloo Gobi pie. Was pretty good.

Got two work deadlines tonight that I just cba with at all.

Gonna have pizza and watch the VONC fail.

Off to work until closing.

Is it pie night? I also had pie (chicken and mushroom). It was fine. Nothing exciting going on at all tonight. January’s pretty sucky, isn’t it.

chicken* and leek for me

Veggo pizza for tea and then gonna smash this Brexit chocco :grimacing:


evening all

had a five (5) hour long strategy meeting today, and couldn’t be bothered to do any work for the rest of the day after so went to the coffee shop in our building to have cake with someone :slight_smile:

then my bosses turned up out of nowhere :frowning:

they couldn’t be arsed either so we went to the pub :slight_smile: not the wisest choice but no work = good

on a sad note, found out on the way home that the nearest McDonald’s to my office has closed :cry:

Are you missing the cake yet?

I’ve got Cotton Eye Joe stuck in my head, and now you do too.

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Just nipped out for a casual Wednesday evening jam roly poly pudding.