Wednesday Evening For Some

Howdy folks. It’s still Wednesday morning here. Hung out with @ghostpony yesterday who was an excellent tour guide. About to get on a cable car and explore more of San Francisco. Not sure what to eat today, probably :pizza:.

How about you?

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Also I had one of those dreams last night where I suddenly realise I have a pet hamster but I’ve forgotten to feed/water it for three months. What do you reckon Im forgetting? :thinking:

Evening laelfy, I’m working tonight but hopefully not as late as I have been doing. Got a veggie lasagne that’s going in the oven in a bit then laughing at twats on the Apprentice if I’m finished with work by then.

Have you been to Yosemite yet? Think it’s my favourite place in the world.

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going to the theatre in a bit. haven’t been in a while even though i live really close to a good one.

got a weird email from them today confirming my order had been amended and looking a bit like i’ve returned the ticket (i haven’t) so half expecting to get there and find they’ve sold my seat to somebody else. though it might have just been a weird workaround way of re-issuing a confirmation email, as it hasn’t been refunded to my account or anything. hmm.

Yes I was there over the weekend. I liked it a lot but maybe had National Park fatigue by that point. Maybe preferred Glacier. Would like to go back to both and do some more hikes.

Enjoy your lasagne, hope youve got some gazza b too.


Had forgotten about this :+1:

Long ass day at work, started at 7, travelled to another store for a “regional engagement morning”. Then back to work and finished at 5.30. Really missed the baby today, only quickly saw her this morning and just given her a bath. Don’t even know what’s for tea tbqh. Herbal tea and bed before 10 I think.

Hanging with @ghostpony sound ace.

Alright laelfy, have you been the Japanese gardens yet?

Just had some leftover aubergine w/bulgur wheat thing. Still a bit peckish but shouldn’t be.

Probably read til Apprentice time. Was planning on doing some work after I got back from shopping.

Pretty happy with charity shop purchases tbh.

Think I probably need to bleed a radiator…

Also one of the radiators doesn’t have a setting knob thing and its the one I’d most want off all the time… Probably just need some pliers to turn the metal bit.

At the park? Nope. Haven’t even seen the bridge yet! Going to rectify that now.

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Had my second roll on sausage today for dinner, AMA.

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I really fancy sausage roll, chips and beans

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Yes, it’s pretty good, nice to have a little break in there.

Are you going to Alcatraz?

Yeah doing the night tour tomorrow

That isn’t a question.

Does @laelfy really fancy sausage roll, chips and beans?

No, she made it up.

Typical Laelfy

You get good views of the bridge on that so don’t worry about it.