Wednesday Evening For Some


I’m not even on holiday am I, made it all up


Bloody knew it.

@anon5266188 you diabolical…


Evening all!

Having another night off the sauce in the hope that my body is so shocked and insulted that it shows this cold the door. Hopefully it’ll work this time.

Probably pasta and sauce for dinner.

Wor Lass made some awesome fishcakes.

Autumn light is the best. Sorry about nasty horse person though :frowning:

Pretty shattered tbh after what felt like running around all day getting stuff done (still managed a short nap though, naturally). Keep loosing my voice if I don’t drink water frequently enough. At least R seems recovered enough from his cold enough that I can send him back to preschool in the morning.

Going to make a hot chocolate in a minute with some of that barista style oat milk @Unlucky recommended, hope it is as good as made out to be :crossed_fingers:

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Hey everyone. Kids are here, just had sausage mash and beans for tea. Prob watch the apprentice later

My daughter got her first uni offer today and it’s a pretty good one so thats good


I’m back in shithouse… house and my neighbours are being noisy pricks, obviously.

I miss my aviary.

Did she interview at oxford in the end?

She’s applied there, and it will be her 1st choice, but she only just submitted her applications. Hopefully she’ll get an interview.

Just nice to know she has a quite safe offer somewhere else she liked (Bristol)


Good stuff :+1:

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Didn’t the applications only open last week?

Yeah, well sometime this month anyway. Not sure. The offer came through very quick

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Just got my hair cut and am
Now drinking some pints.
Also In a WhatsApp group earlier this message was sent:

No no. I bought it for a jape at some shitey shop

Is there more than one @japes

It was as good as the regular oat milk version (that being the best hot chocolate I can remember making), but not necessarily better. Also had a straight sip of it before heating and plain it was not good, so will probably stick to normal for greater versitility.

Drinking peppermint tea, eating lebkuchen, watching supervet and changing gas suppliers. Do I know how to wednesday evening or what!