Wednesday EVENING I guesd



Which of these should I watch tonight?

  • 8 1/2
  • Jules et Jim
  • Captain Phillips
  • The act of killing
  • Bullseye on challenge

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Hello drownedinsound user thewarn.


Good evening ssf


Good evening @thewarn and @stupidsexyflanders


I feel a bit down again for dumb nonsense reasons. Who wants to cheer me up?

Also I think I’d go for 8 1/2 at this current time


Hello. I’m packing etc for a long weekend in my ancestral homeland. No, not that one, the other one.

Should probably look at things to do in The Hague and Amsterdam, I suppose.




Evening ccb, ssf, m-b, cc, e-dog



I’m so goddamn tired.


Evening thewarn, ssf, ccb, mb, epidermis, cow own.

(May have left in some funny autocorrects)

I don’t know any of those films. Just had a pizza and a beer and I’m heading to see Logan


Can’t wait to see him win the second eurovision


slept for most of the afternoon

praying to the cat gods I get well soon


I’m watching Grease 2
It’s not bad


Tired already. But working from home tomorrow so may as well stay up a bit.


P.s. hi everyone


Just having tea and watching supervet. Lots of gr8 animals but he’s such a weirdo. Was meant to go to the gym tonight but forgot and cracked a beer. Oops.


On my way into town to see The Comet Is Coming!

Still quite ill.


Got so much work to do :frowning: really cba anymore


discovered TCIC last week andi can’t stop listening to Space Carnival :grinning:

#(flashing flashy Lights warning)