Wednesday evening I reckon

Alright? Had a hectic but good day at work and now I’m all kinds of tired. Got pasta with chilli pesto & cream for tea and just had a visit from these neighbour cats. Might have a night off from watching TV and listen to some music instead. You?!?


Had an extremely lazy day so editing a blog and FORCING myself to post by bedtime

Otherwise just enjoying being comfy with a fluffy blanket and a very beautiful and loving cat on my lap

60% chance I go see scream in farnborough

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I’m seeing double! Four cats!


Found a roofer. Having a wonderful time repeatedly realising that the quote doesn’t explicitly mention something we’d talked about and having to email to confirm. By repeatedly, I mean it’s happened twice, but i’m not happy about expecting responses at any given moment.

Oh yeah I had creamy avocado linguini again with leeks, tender stem broccoli, spinach, garlic, lemon


Such a good way to use up your over ripe avos

Off to an awards thing which probably means tiny canapés and too much wine

But I’m not working tomorrow :+1:

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Baking Tin prawn curry for dinner

No plans for later. Might start thinking about a mini break for next Easter. Lyme Regis maybe?

Ever wonder what the point is? Like what is the point in all this? Because I have no idea


Anyway, in until 8, home and bed. Repeat tomorrow

Evening Ivor et al!

I’ve made a tofu saag that was pretty good. Wor Lass couldn’t get over how bright the green was. We’ve told The Child it’s dragon soup but she still doesn’t trust it.

I’m footballing at 8.00.

Hello pals. The child just bit me and now I’m off to yoga. Really skirting the fine line between fury and zen here.


Yes :heart:

Gonna make Anna Jones’ peanut noodles for about the 5th time this month because it is delicious


Omg those cats! That photo!


Just watched Disney’s Zombie 2, now watching 15 mins of Zombies 1 before bedtime. We always have to watch them in this order :roll_eyes:

Did a work task that I’ve been putting off for weeks, that was of course, quite simple and quick.

Doing a zoom quiz with the TV later like it’s 2020.

One more day of work then 3 days of this hopefully in the Motherland.


Honestly don’t know why I watch the news :pensive:

They’re amazing. Our cat has had enough of their antics though tbh.