Wednesday Evening is here!

I handed in my notice today.

It went pretty well.

I’m kinda scared but trying not to think about it.

How are you?



Hope you can still afford to keep a roof over your head and eat and things.

Well done, hope it goes well. I didn’t click save and lost the entire day’s work, I’m really busy as well dunno how I’m going to catch up

Was going to buy eric a post-birthday pint but he’s too hungover :joy:
Think I’ll go to the sebright instead

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Aw well done. I meant to post this morning as I was reading the last of yesterday evening’s posts, but I just wanted to affirm that I think this is both a sensible decision and one that is quite exciting in a way. Hope it all works out :slight_smile:


Just had some really nice greek food

I’m at work until 8:30. I wish I had the guts to do what you’ve done.

I carried over 15 days holiday last year as I’m scared to take time off due to a massive project I’m working on. So I’ve got 40 this year. Really want to jack it in and not work in IT. I’m kind of willing on redundancy as the chicken option.

Well done Bammers, onwards and upwards!

Just had to read a story to my wee nephew so he’d fall asleep,he gave me his favourite book but said I needed the lights off and the door closed…'so how the fuckam I supposed to read the book?!'
Anyway, I created the story of the 3 bears (his dad, me and his other uncle) that go to the farm (Glastonbury), and have a fun time (drugs/bands/booze) with all the cows/pigs/sheep (our pals). He was asleep within 3mins :slight_smile:


‘And then me and your dad munched down a handful of blue ghosties and danced the night away’


Listening to Bowie, drinking beer and eating a red thai curry. Sliced my thumb open chopping an onion. Throbbing steadily (calm now).

Congratulations! Roll on the international music empire.

Got the baby to bed really early so I wouldn’t miss any of my lecture, and ate a load of crap (two boiled eggs mashed up with garlic butter) whilst replying to the 300th whatsapp message from airbnb people - LEAVE ME ALONE.

Feel so stressed about this essay deadline and the fact i have no childcare so that I can get a minute to actually do it.

i didn’t even drink much last night, but feel rough and been arguing with my shithead letting agents all day and feel like i wanna be sick. gonna sort something for next week instead though lad, will let you know. gonna go have a bath.

Yeah no worries there.

Aw no that sounds pretty brutal, rest well man.

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Just spent so long doing something because I felt it’s what I should be doing, didn’t stop to realise I didn’t enjoy it or find it fulfilling in any way.

It’s my life, I love making music, I’m going to do that for myself and worry about the rest later.

It is exciting in a way!


Thanks :slight_smile: Sean Adams eat your heart out!

Hang in there scout!

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Good luck Bam, sure it will work out well.

Just played football in the famous Glasgow weather. Not played since October so wasnt great, fitness wise. Strained my groin too (easy now).

Just had some more leftover paella, really good.

Don’t really know what to do for the rest of the evening.


i stink of clementines. don’t have much more to add.