Wednesday Evening is Here

Hello, it’s 1am and I can’t sleep, probably because I know I have to get up at 6am. Over the next 2 days I have a 10 hour bus journey and 17.5 hour plane journeys :slightly_frowning_face:. I plan to be asleep for as much as I can.

Anyway, tell me your evening plans and maybe I’ll get to sleep :wink:

How’s the drunk, or have you lost her now?

Ordered pizza as it’s payday and I didn’t cook anything in time for M to eat before bed. Arrived and I didn’t fancy it and nether did she. Seems like sacrilege to leave 90% of a pizza uneaten.

Sorry pizza gods.

Hi laelfs and Scout, and others!

Watching my fireman show (not a porno, honest). Need to hoover, bleurgh.

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just pop it in the fridge and eat it later/ tomorrow



just smashed two bowls of leek and potato soup

took all my downstairs doors off and sanded them ready for painting. really enjoying the no door lifestyle, might not bother putting them back on. my fingers feel like springs.

Is it fuck, I’m still in work.

It’s only 11 am here, but I’m well tired. I am not coping well with the time difference

cannot wait to get home on friday


I’m eating a whole box of chocolate covered peanuts on the train to Amsterdam.

The whole thing.


I don’t think this one works

You’re not going to poo for days now. Days.

That’s what she said!!!

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Two words my friend. Coff ee.

Been pretty productive since getting in. Made a puttanesca sauce, fed the kid some baby porridge. Now having some cuddles before she hits the hay. MasterChef and the apprentice and a friend sea bass for tea.

On a train to Sheffield. Quick bite either from a bo’s local or at the uni Arms, screening of stalker, post-film #opinionchat with a pint with my pal then home to bed

Hi laefy and assorted eveningers :wave:

Feel baaaad today. Slept too much, did too little.

R got home asleep though and is in bed, so no tantrums to deal with immediately.

Have a beer in the fridge I might have later.

So much excitement here, guys.

Train home delayed by an hour

Then I couldn’t get on the train and the door almost closed on me arm

Fucking Thatcher

you monster


I feel sick

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