Wednesday Evening is Here

Hello, it’s 1am and I can’t sleep, probably because I know I have to get up at 6am. Over the next 2 days I have a 10 hour bus journey and 17.5 hour plane journeys :slightly_frowning_face:. I plan to be asleep for as much as I can.

Anyway, tell me your evening plans and maybe I’ll get to sleep :wink:

How’s the drunk, or have you lost her now?

Ordered pizza as it’s payday and I didn’t cook anything in time for M to eat before bed. Arrived and I didn’t fancy it and nether did she. Seems like sacrilege to leave 90% of a pizza uneaten.

Sorry pizza gods.

Hi laelfs and Scout, and others!

Watching my fireman show (not a porno, honest). Need to hoover, bleurgh.

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just pop it in the fridge and eat it later/ tomorrow


Is it fuck, I’m still in work.

It’s only 11 am here, but I’m well tired. I am not coping well with the time difference

cannot wait to get home on friday


I’m eating a whole box of chocolate covered peanuts on the train to Amsterdam.

The whole thing.


You’re not going to poo for days now. Days.

That’s what she said!!!

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Two words my friend. Coff ee.

Been pretty productive since getting in. Made a puttanesca sauce, fed the kid some baby porridge. Now having some cuddles before she hits the hay. MasterChef and the apprentice and a friend sea bass for tea.

On a train to Sheffield. Quick bite either from a bo’s local or at the uni Arms, screening of stalker, post-film #opinionchat with a pint with my pal then home to bed

Hi laefy and assorted eveningers :wave:

Feel baaaad today. Slept too much, did too little.

R got home asleep though and is in bed, so no tantrums to deal with immediately.

Have a beer in the fridge I might have later.

So much excitement here, guys.

Train home delayed by an hour

Then I couldn’t get on the train and the door almost closed on me arm

Fucking Thatcher

you monster


I feel sick

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Evening all :wave:

Am very tired! This week feels like it’s gone on forever already. However, I’ve got pie, mash and gravy for dinner so it’s not all bad.

Had my 1:1 and my boss said that his biggest success this year has been seeing me do so well in my new role :slight_smile:


With all that talk about getting head (on beer) the other day I’ve just seen someone sort of complaining that their pint usually has a bigger head than the one he got. That’s a new one.