Wednesday evening is here

It’s evening, what’s for dinner?

Sitting on the bank of the Thames with my bike buddies life is good



Had a picnic type tea

Baguette, some meats, some cheese, pork pie, etc. Couple of beef burger spring rolls as well. Strawberry split for pudding.

Shower and bed in about an hour as I’ve gotta be up at 2.30 ffs.

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Just seen a pic of @rich-t sunshine pint and I’m reeeeally jealous now.

Continuing the current pattern of finishing my day job to immediately work on freelance until bedtime :frowning:

Not working tomorrow though, have a nursery viewing in the morning, a pal visiting from Spain at lunchtime and a gig in the evening :+1:


So hot out, wanted to go read in the park but then tiredness hit. Listening to Young Fathers, gonna have a caipirinha and read some - in a more horizontal fashion

Chickpea spicy salad for dinner I think

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I think he was from Mexico


Had a chat with my nan, she sounds ill. Has made me sad.

Ummm, some nice light spring pasta dish for tea

Planned on having a big bowl of pasta with chicken breasts but feels really boring. Dunno.

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Add chillis



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More then

spicy oc GIF

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You’re a hero :tada: bet that lil bird was so grateful :slightly_smiling_face:


lack of sleep and headaches means it’s been an anxious day, ah well better luck tomorrow!

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Just stuck and Andrex in the freezer.


Air fryered some leftover new potatoes for tea with sausages and beans. Mrs F is watching GoT so I’ve got some old wrestling on in the other room. Had a pretty good day all in all.

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Not me having a full-blown panic attack on the bus the first time I leave the house since hospital

:heart::heart::heart: hope you’re ok.


I’m shattered again. Might need to start looking for a new job, but it’s been 20 years. But lately it’s relentless and I don’t really enjoy anything about it.

Lamb shanks, mash and veg for dinner though.