Wednesday evening is upon us

And what the fuck are you doing with it?
I’m making chicken burgers for tea then sitting about a bit. Got a big tour and showing a very mildly famous chef around tomorrow so might get an early night.


Had pitta pizzas for tea.

About to take the dog for a quick spin.

Be pretty much bed time then.


Oh whoops missed this

One quick delete later…

I need to do the washing up but what I really want is a nap

Far too late for a nap, but who cares about the washing up, treat yourself


Partner’s out so my turn to put the child to bed.

Could do with some chocolate but I have none and can’t go out. Absolute disaster scenes.

Done a full day floor walking go live on a new work management system. Same again tomorrow.

Gonna get absolutely fucking smashed tonight i reckon

Hurt my sore shoulder even more so it’s ibuprofen and sulking for me this evening.

Made a big pan of orzo with aubergine and lentils

I’m not actually tired enough to fall asleep, it’s just that I bored myself to death with database training and made myself a bit sleepy. Also my partner will be cooking and needs me to do at least some of the washing up :weary:

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Off til next Tuesday so would have a beer but feeling drowsy already

Evening all!

Got a load of admin and household tasks done today including finding out my friend’s address so I could send him a congratulations card for his wedding in May.

I made a very excellent version of the GRT gado gado (tahini instead of peanut butter; added extra carrot and kale at points during roasting and some sweet potato because we didn’t have enough real potato).

I’m doing bedtime again because Wor Lass is wrecked after a day of hair styling.

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For those of you that are desperate to know the result of the poll I did earlier. The garage rang me first.

:heavy_minus_sign: the car was more expensive than I thought
:heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign:Beans is ok and we just need to monitor him says the vet

Why can’t I do a - as a minus??


Alright. Putting kiddo to bed, roasted veg and halloumi with cous cous for tea. TdF highlights, succession, Lipton lemon ice tea as a treat like

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FYI @JaguarPirate

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Starving but still have to go to my gym class :weary:

Tis the season when the secret cricket guys come out the woodwork. Two rumbled today alone.

Roxy says hi


there’s a list of like 1500 films Tarantino likes on Mubi and despite him being awful all round, he knows his stuff and now I want to watch them all

its also my mum’s 60th in a month and I am stressed about what to do