Wednesday evening, isn't it?

How is everyone and what’s going on this evening?

hi froglet,

you’ll be glad to know I’m running a bath


my date got cancelled cos she’s ill so here i am with you guys
same thing happened yesterday with another date


Hi. I’m going to have a chicken Kiev, chips and peas.


Hi froggers, how’s your migraine? I’m very tired but I’m making garlic & chilli roast chicken for tea and currently drinking a nice beer. Tomorrow is my Friday so that’s nice.


Booked a bit of an impulse holiday

Scampi and chips tonight :heart_eyes:

That’s all!


It didn’t get too bad thankfully and i still feel a bit rubbish but i think it’s eased off a bit and hopefully won’t get any worse from here. I think it must have been very mild as migraines go because the pain level was no worse than a normal headache


Evening, waiting to get m to bed so I can just stare into space or something

Cw: road traffic accident

I witnessed a really bad accident on my walk home, a car hit a cyclist on a crossing. She was in so much pain and I didn’t even realise until having held her hand for a while that it was my old neighbour. Feel absolutely like shit that I had to leave her with strangers so I could make it to school but had no one to help me with the pick up. Have spent the last hour tracking down her close friends so she’s not alone as not sure she has a parnter or family. She’s in hospital being assessed now but it seems pretty bad.

That sounds terrible. Seems like you did all you could to help her though Scout. Hope she and you are ok.


My God, Scout. That sounds awful. You’re doing a good thing by tracking people down but make sure you give yourself some time to process things and handle that shock too.


Made too many threads and posts today. Might take the evening off and give you all a break.

Please don’t!


That’s horrible man but well done for doing so much for her. I was in Berln a few years back and witnessed a cyclist getting hit/stuck under a bus, was incredibly gruesome looking on top of the fact it was rush hour and I was actually going to bed and nowhere near sober enough to help, I was with pals who were more useful, but it’s always so shocking dealing with stuff like that out of the blue.


Oh no that’s awful. Good for you for trying to contact people for her. I hope she’ll be OK and that you aren’t too shaken up.


Sorry derailed the thread.

Please post about your dinners and evenings as I’d love to know what’s cooking :fried_egg:

Thinking of you and your old neighbour scout, that’s awful & im so sorry :heart:

I’m currently waiting in the gym reception. My back is already hurting and I haven’t done anything yet

Oh and I had quick oven lasagne for dinner. It was edible/10


working late when i totally shouldn’t need to, going to end up eating some sort of misery dinner at my desk by the look of it. might go a burrito or something. hohum.

Hey up hey up

Had m and s meatfree Kiev, stove potatoes, broccoli for tea. Very good.

Watching celebrity landscape artist of the year and then the big match Chhhhhaaaammmppppiooons!

Hope you are ok now @scout xx


Got a sleeping baby on me and am home alone. I’m very hungry. Help?


Pub quiz tonight!

We’ll come third or fourth, as always, but we’ll have more fun than the inevitable winners, who take it far too seriously