Wednesday evening, let’s do it

It may be early but… w/e I’m an hour ahead.

Watching Cool Runnings. It’s cold.

What’s for tea then eh? Any other fun plans for this evening?


Never seen it, any good?


A 1974 Hungarian film about a group of Inuit long distance runners apparently



You jest, but that is exactly the kind of thing the dweebs on here would go wild for.


Slap it on the BFI player


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waiting for bath to warm up
play some clarinet
eat goat’s cheese tarts
watch film
drink beer
eat chocolate



Had a pretty productive day. Took down Christmas, changed the sheets, sent some surprise cake to a good friend, cleaned the bathroom, returned some stuff in the post. Gonna have a can of Appletiser and watch more Wire and make oven fish n chips for tea.

oh should take down the christmas stuff actually too

Evening. I’m pretty cold as it is pretty cold here and my heating isn’t up to the job. Making bbq pulled pork quesadillas for tea which I’m quite excited about. Going to watch trash on tv then go to bed.

Evening. Playing with my flab in the bath and realising now is a perfect opportunity to try not washing my hair for three weeks.

took a last little drive and walk to marv at this.


Lemon tofu :yum:

Upsets me a bit that the child likes it too as I don’t want to share.

Work from 8 ish or whenever bedtime is done. Really cba with this every night.


Do you know what, I haven’t watched it for AGES and it’s even better than I remembered.


Had a weird pang of being broody that I’ve never experienced before, because my friend’s family sent me videos of their little kids wishing me a happy birthday and it just sent me into overdrive. They’re the best kids and I’ve babysat them a few times so they know who I am and OOOOFT, for a split second I was like “I’ll have at least one, please.”
Anyway after deliberation with my mate it turns out what I actually want is a cat.


The pinnacle of all cinema.

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spent the last half hour building up the courage to ring a local joiner about the roofing quote he gave me. finally took a deep breath, dialled the number –

Hiii, this is x Joinery and Building, we can’t answer the phone right now…


Just ordered chippy tea and realised I didn’t put my house number in. Oops

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Workout → beer → pizza

I couldn’t see my (tier 4) parents at Christmas and they finally managed to post my presents, which arrived today, so looking forward to opening them (even if I’d just prefer to see them!)

Felt bizarrely hungover all day, so currently lapping all forms of hot condiment off my hand, while I wait for the timer to ping on the oven, in the hope that one of them will cure me.