Wednesday (evening of)

Would potentially be valentine’s day if we’re heading over.

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And thanks for the recipe

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We’ve managed to fight our way onto a flight out of Rio tonight, 2 weeks after we were supposed to have gone home. Ecstatic tbh.

Was my first one, @tilty might have better advice on timings. I also saw the suggestion of a microwave and air fryer combo for if you’re in a rush but still want the crispy skin.


I think I did mine at 200 for 40 mins and then max crisp for the last ten

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I had salad and baked potato with cheese for dinner :green_salad::cheese::potato: baked 3 more potatos and have mashed up their insides with butter, boursin and cheddar so we’ll have pot skins for dinner tomorrow or Friday :yum:

I’m home alone tonight so it’s definitely a good idea for me to be reading Ann Rule’s Crime Files :neutral_face:

Maybe gonna watch a film, have a bath, eat some of the delicious flourless choc cake I baked on Monday.


Good use of a solo night

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Still feeling a bit ropey so we had a chippy tea. Going to watch the football. Wout Weghorst is 6’6”!

Have walked past two car crashes today which is impressive given I’ve only been outside for the school run.


It has blown my mind that this…

is vegan.

Makes sense as it’s just cocoa powder and sugar (and you add a milk of your choosing) but it seems weird. I guess in my head it’s a tub of powdered dairy milk.

Having a hot choc anyway.


I also cycled past a car crash earlier! Single occupant who was conscious and it was ok

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One year seizure free today. Cracking a bottle of cava to celebrate.


That’s awesome!

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I am forever in your debt.

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Cheers. Hope you’re celebrating something similar in a year too

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Ooooo Manhunter’s on the iplayer

talking to someone on the apps and I said ‘I heard someone say the other day that the best art comes from dire circumstance’ and had this picture literally pasted into the chat before I caught myself


I cannot stress enough how much you need to send that.