Wednesday Evening Sponsored by Tebay

Evening guys and gals.

Finished my work in Manchester early and managed a quick 18 holes at the local course - check this hole out!

Now I’m stopped off at Teebs and tell me is there a better sight than this?

I suppose you can tell me what you’re up to as well


I’ll be taking it home in a paper bag


what does the xtra mean in irn bru xtra?

Dunno mate it’s sugar free but tastes better than the normal and diet ones. I’m a wee bit addicted.


I’ve had a Brazilian style bean stew that is both the carbiest and the orangest thing I’ve eaten this year.

Good evening one and all!
Feel a bit lethargic, no idea why. The weather?
In light of numbers rising, and also the boiler debacle earlier, I cancelled my Mensa test on Saturday. A gal can only take so many humiliations in one week, otherwise it’s just masochism.
Dunno what I fancy for dinner. Got some popcorn cauliflower so maybe that.

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Just signed a contract to buy a house :scream:


Feijoada? The BEST

Probably wouldn’t have been wise to tell them about your boiler

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It probably wasn’t wise to tell anyone, tbf

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This one was a bit average - I think it was really missing meat.

22 lines of data in the spreadsheet need a manual review.

Done 10.

Think you’ll struggle to find a more boring post than this.

Fine day. Chips for tea.

Baffled my colleagues by sharing that I only listen to 6music headlines first thing in the morning and that’s my news intake complete. Explains why I am always so excellently chipper, pure ignorance. :star_struck:


Had fake Wagamama Tofu Donburi for dinner. It was delicious.

Waiting for mum to phone me back after she looks through the plastic bag of Important Documents she keeps in the boiler cupboard so we can try and figure out if I’m a Dutch citizen or a German citizen.


Gonna be very good when its turns out youre full English.


Hasn’t that been settled earlier today?

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Got a bag full of Union Jack bunting ready to hang all over the thread

Not an English bone in my body.

Although tbf my bone has been in a few EngliABANDON REPLY

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You can make a good veggie one with mushrooms if you’re good (I can’t, my gf can) but the meat is the key really

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Epimer John Bull of Melton Mowbray. Says right here.

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