Wednesday Evening - The Thread

What’s going on tonight?


Cottage pie

Two pints deep, got my best ever bowling score, power walking to pub then PAVEMENT

Battery low so no more dising rip. Also need food but won’t get it so oh well


Had sausage and mash for tea, went to the shop for chocolate buttons, now sitting down.


Ate: tortellini

Currently: watching Escape to the Country w/the 9yo. Bed time in 5 minutes though

Bed time read: A short history of nearly everything - Bill Bryson (really)

After that: Liverpool v West Ham. Probably with some tea & chocolate digestives

After that: probably bed

Ain’t life grand?

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Half term HOORAYS

Going to watch the football
Drink some wine

Try to stop Billy leaping about now he is feeling better :rofl:


Spaghetti bolognese for dinner. Hope everyone is well.

RIP jp!

Juat frying up some l.mac chicken to have in rolls.

Meeting with senior leaders got the outcome i wanted so i didnt moan.

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Been awake almost 29 hours. It’s going great. I’m now into the 4th sidetracked vivid daydream I’ve had since I started writing this post.

Think I’m coming down with something. Hopefully covid so I can get out of jury service next week.

Waiting for the gig to start at the Bath Forum, big fan of it just having a do not cross line instead of a barrier. A different kind of crowd


Made a nice veggie cottage pie.

Gonna sit down and eat said pie, then not move after. In a weird mood.


Good venue.

Yeah is lovely inside, wasn’t expecting the mixed standing and seating downstairs. Tempted to take a seat for Angel Olsen. Certainly going to keep an eye on gigs this way going forward.


Evenin all

Emergency pizzas for tea
Ice cream in a min

Might watch some football in a bit.

Got this troublesome twosome following me like a shadow


Snacked on some garlic bread. Changed the strap on my watch. Gonna watch the footy. Do line of coke off a prozzies boobs and other rock n roll stuff :metal:

Really unfortunate spacing on the first line here.


It is vulcanised rubber… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smile:

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