Wednesday evening, then

alright, DiS. what ya up to?

having burgers for tea but feeling proper rough. think i did myself a mischief yesterday or else i have something nasty coming on. feel wrecked. really wanted to play my new video game tonight but made the mistake of popping out for 30 minutes at 2pm and of course missed the delivery. fuck’s sake.

Hi Eric IV

Made cauliflower and sweet potato curry. Pretty tasty. Spicy though nose in running quite a lot.

Drinking a Cloudwater lager, tastes a bit like Becks.

Probably watch that FA Cup replay.

@ericthefourth Hope you better soon too.

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Did a run, did a book, is 8pm too early for bed…?

Evening Eric, hope you feel better buddy!

I’m still in the office as I desperately wanted to finish up some stuff. Currently listening to the new album by The Bats.

This evenings football was cancelled as there wasn’t enough numbers so I’ll probably finish up here then eat something (?) before getting an early night.

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New video game?

Watching Peep Show and eating chips.

@ericthefourth type of burgers? Bean? Homemade or Linda or something?

Today was nice. Now just going to gamble,drink and abuse prescription drugs. LAD

Some random woman just walked into my flat about 10 minutes ago.

Woman: "hiya, just coming through."
Me: "…what?"
Woman: "How do I get upstairs?"
Me…"sorry, who are you? Why are you in my flat?"
Woman: "Is this 11?"
Me: "No, it’s 10."
Woman: "Oh…where’s 11?"
Me: “Other side.”

Yeah, locking the door now. I know, great story, would read again.


Went a gave platelets (good deed for the day done) and then as I was walking home I saw a cat that had been run over and was lying dead in the road. Really horrible, poor thing.

Two cars had actually crashed as a result (fairly minor so who cares) and the police were there so didn’t bother 'em but urgh :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Guess at least it was full-on dead and not like half alive or whatever

Evenin team,
Just had a few beers with an ATD and have a nice hazy feeling.
Need to pack as I’m off to Amsterdam the morrow at fucking stupid o’clock.

Be well soon Eric

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Might watch one of NOW TVs 5 star films from their 5 star section. Deadpool,Avengers Assemble, mad max fury road, the new Jungle Book. Fuck off!!1

Made the mistake of reading the first 20 replies of the :pizza: thread and now I really want :pizza:


why does that rectangular pizza thread have 293 replies? is there a good beeve in it? i’m not reading it if it’s just 293 replies of people chatting about pizza

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linda ones, aye

nope. id go now if i didnt feel so rough

bought deadly premonition director’s cut. looks like my kinda deal, and the trailer cracked me up. will play it all weekend i guess

Loads of classic DiS beeves, I wasn’t gonna read but yer man @anon5266188 convinced me otherwise

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surprisingly beevy, aye