Wednesday Evening Thread 24/05/2017

Evening all. How have your days been? What’s for dinner tonight? Much planned for the stretch of time between now and when you fall asleep?

I should go first:

  • my day was good thanks, though I was an hour late into work because of the trains
  • dinner will be chilli with rice. Though I’m still on the way home.
  • I think some friends of ours are popping round at some point. Am not expecting any pregnancies / engagements / requests for group sex. But I’ll keep you informed.

Good day, got loads of work done, and the thing that was stressing me out yesterday (telling some more senior they were wrong) came out well (they agreed I was right). Put what else I could do on my laptop to do in the car tomorrow.

Heading to Cornwall tomorrow for a wedding on Sat then staying for the week after with my family :slight_smile:

Need to pack. No idea what is for tea, something from the freezer or soup maybe.

Going to try finish a book of short stories so I can start a new book for the holiday… I am taking DiS favourite Gravity’s Rainbow.


Aw I love Cornwall. Where bounce you staying?

Alright chaps? Missus has made cod and prawn gratin for dinner, lovely stuff.

Plan on watching the rest of the cricket and dipping into the footers. Gonna watch Your Face or Mine at 8pm. That is all.

Sat in this tin pot operation for another hour.
Glorious outside, why am I in this cage
Looking at the forecast for Saturday and hoping my company’s been liquidated by then. More likely they’ll tell me on Tuesday or something daft.

Have had an odd day. Thought I had solved my main work problem with some clever proactive negotiations but think I might be in direct defiance of union guidelines.

Playing football this evening and looking forward to what should be quite a productive day tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also my Friday.

I’m stuck at work until 8:30 and its like a sauna in here. I really can’t wait to go home and have a beer.

Tomorrow I’ve got a half day, as it’s my dads birthday and I’m going around my sisters for a family BBQ. Really can’t wait for that.

Just about 5 miles from Newquay. Hoping to get down to Falmouth for a day to see a friend too.

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  • Evening, yeah, day was good. Computer still broken, but I managed to get a laptop on loan until my new shiny laptop turns up in June :smiley:
  • Chatted to the girl today :heart:
  • Had a chicken kiev for dinner, was standard.
  • Nothing, going to kick back, drink tea/possibly a beer and listen to music. The new USA Nails tape EP thing arrived today, so going to stick that bad boy on.


Day was fine thank you very much for asking. Dinner was leftovers from last night so weird but good meatballs was had by all. I’m currently on the bus en route to thee pub (Andrew Ushers @Unlucky ) I’m also listening to Diana Ross because because.




Don’t know if I mentioned this drunkenly enough before -

Steal a hand of glory and a witch bottle pleaseypie.



She’d been on holiday, so telling me about that and just catching up on things.

Evening all! It’s been a good day, got lots of admin done. Emails sent, articles written, loan sorted. Made a cracking shakshuka for dinner too.

Off to a gig at 21:15 to see a load of friends play with new projects. Hyper excited to see my friend Muireann play, have only seen her play twice since the demise of her old band (who I loved).

Very tempted to drink a bag of cans beforehand but I mustn’t, I really mustn’t.


You did but had slipped my mind, I will try but looks a bit out the way and un-kid friendly. Maybe if there’s a rainy day I will be able slip away.

Ah I want to go Ushers, enjoy!

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Stomped home from work in the heat. Sweaty af. That thing happened where the came out and everyone got fit all of a sudden. Zelda arrived :smiley: but just the game, no console til the weekend :sob:

Earlier in the year the tv decided to buy us a new set of pillows even though our existing ones were totally fine. Just got home and seen she’s bought herself another new one because she doesnt like the other one. Should i call the men in white coats?

Oh and pasta for tea

Evening all

Bottle o wine in…after sitting in the sun, gonna eat crisps, drink beer and watch football (whilst chanting lads lads lads)

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