Wednesday Evening Thread 24/05/2017

Is it just me or has diane abbott forgotten to change the header on this letter?



Salmon, potato salad and salad for dinner.

Watching football cos a nice disser told me it was on freeview.

Off work now until Tuesday. Weather to be scorching. Looks like I’ll be spending tomorrow hosing down the alpacas to keep them cool. Might get the paddling pool out for them?


Evening troops,
Day was hectic but good all in, gym was fucking knackering and the tv is cooking up some Thai prawn noodle soup thing. Flat smells immense :grinning:

Evening. Went to ham and friends for a look round then went to the pub for the quiz. But get this. They just started it without going round the pub asking if anyone wanted to join in. So I looked up and the gang of nerds that go every week we’re all sat in a corner and already half way through the second round. Come home to watch the rest of the footy instead.

Not a fan of being warm tbh

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Still working my way through those USA Nails label mates, you recommended - top stuff so far :metal:

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:heart_eyes: HAVE FUN!!

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Excellent, how good are Ultra Panda? VERY.

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what can you do with popcorn to stop it being boring?

Watch a movie!!


How is Ham and Friends? Better/worse than Friends of Ham?

Wasn’t really a fan of Friends of Ham when I went, all seemed like a bit of a shambles* but maybe I just went at a busy time.


Find a really controversial thread and eat


Yeah I’m not that keen on friends of ham. Always too busy.
Ham and friends looks a cool space though. We were given a little tour. There’s all sorts going on. They’ve got a shop and a restaurant and function rooms and stuff. And a cheese room!

Oof, sounds good, will check it out when I’m back

Have you ever been to the one in Ilkley?

I have not. Is it good? Not been to Ilkley for ages.

The stichleton cheese they have there is bang on

Fuuuck this weather is fucking grim.

think saag aloo is probably the best think from the indian. just had leftovers from last night - so fucking good.

@ my south east London freaks, try Spices in Nunhead - haven’t ordered from anywhere else in years.