wednesday evening thread (active)

no posting for 7 mins please

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I’m going to sleep




Thank you geesey, much appreciated!

OK GUYS what’s for tea? Any other plans?

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Tired. Might watch the great hack on flix.

More quiche from yesterday. Debating whether to go running at 7, although I just heard some thunder

  • Should I go home
  • Go to the pub you loon it’s sunny outside

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Had a very productive day. Done some errands and listed a mountain of stuff on Ebay and sold some before we’d finished (who knew 2005 PSV 3rd shirts were in such demand). Made a mince, mushroom, cheese, mustard, tomato and sriracha sauce & chips thing for lunch and got loads left for tea. Tired out pals. Is that cities thread worth a read?


going reheat some slop (mexican style) I made yesterday

might play a bit of god of war, might ponder over a few quaint and curious volumes of forgotten lore, haven’t decided yet

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No idea about dinner yet. The house is empty because my other half is visiting family and won’t be back for another hour or so.

In other news, my new flip flops have arrived. I took a risk buying size 8 because they were sold out of 9s. I think I’ll get away with it.

Go running anyway. It’s good for you :+1:

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God no.

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Gonna be an hour late getting home. Booooooo!

Yeah gonna do it

If I get a cold/get struck by lightning and die though it’s all your fault


I might have pizza and pasta for dinner

What do you reckon internet people