Wednesday Evening thread: now open for business

This thread will be available for use this evening.

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It’s been 6pm for nearly an hour here so I’m just gonna go for it

Welcome to this evening’s evening thread. The thread for all your evening needs. This thread is now open for business.

I have few plans. Maybe a nose around Foyles or the Lego Store, more likely Japanese for dinner then home.


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Going to roast a tofu with some vegetables for dinner.

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Love a good nosing around. Favourite places to nose around: Bookshops (like for example Foyles) and nice food shops (had a good nose around a fruit & veg shop earlier today, enjoyed it a lot).

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Going to the woods :bat: :vampire:‍♂:zombie:‍♂:chipmunk:

nearly posted something but it was too boring to read, sorry

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Got masterchef and GBBO to watch tonight, gonna be quite an evening!!! Might try and get a level or two further on goldeneye n all. Not sure what’s for tea yet.

roasting some veggies for dinner. gym after the fitba.

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Chippy chips and cuzza sauce for dinner.

Then packing for crete, bunging my OOO on and going to sleep early (waking up for a 4am minibus over to Manchester)

someone at work’s just said ‘krispy kréme’

  • crispy cream
  • krispy kréme

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no main item with the chips?

New chippy, will see if there are any veggie mains, but happy enough with chips and cuz and maybe mushies


I’m ignoring a very boring meeting right now.
And I’ve a headache.



Bit bored tbh. Had a good day at work that was undone by something shitty so I’m just mooching around with the cat. A bit broke already this month so I’m not up to much. I was going to go and see Receptacles play tonight but can’t be bothered.

Reading with a cappuccino and a tasty tasty cannoli