Wednesday Evening thread: now open for business

Reading with a cappuccino and a tasty tasty cannoli


Drive home, awkward junction (Castle Hill/Magdalene Bridge, for the Cambridge experts following along at home). Two cars waiting to turn right ahead of me. There’s room to go past on the left but it means cutting up any cyclists that might be there, so I’m waiting for one cyclist to pass on my left. Beeping commences behind me. The cyclist then sits just off the pavement, blocking the road, instead of going right (which he was indicating). So I still can’t go through. Beeping intensifies. Cyclist moves, I move.

I’m irked at the person getting annoyed that I wasn’t willing to mow down a cyclist, so I do the civilised thing: eye contact in the mirror while mouthing “wanker” and giving them the finger.

Didn’t see the child sat in the passenger seat with their eyes practically popping out their skull until it was too late.

tl;dr stuck my middle finger up at a small child




Might make oven chips for tea.

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Fucking knackered after a day out combined with being ill tbh pals. Picked myself out some good birthday presents from my parents so that’s nice. Had a giant meal for lunch so just going to have a Morrisons chorizo Spanish omelette for tea and a medicinal beer or two. Rewatching The Thick Of It too.


:fishing_pole_and_fish::fishing_pole_and_fish::fishing_pole_and_fish: too easy


Got stomach ache. Saw a house I want to buy today. It’s so adorable and to an average couple on average salary it’d be more than possible but not for single low waged me, even though I could afford the mortgage repayments. It’s so cute, a little old cottage in Hebden, I can’t stop thinking about it.

Please win lottery, please win lottery

Been singing “Zim Zimmer, who got the keys to my beemer?” Jnr just sang it as: “Zum Zummer, what you doing in my pocket?” Not remotely similar.


The Mean Girls posse has arrived.

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What an oddly narrow toilet.

toilet in my old place in peckham was so narrow I had to sling my leg over the bath to use it.


Have fun, see you after the film. Remember, don’t annoy everyone by quoting bits before they happen.

I love it. Even though its on the main road and the top floor is someone else’s flat so its tiny, and it’s a little bit in the secondary flood zone, but I want it so bad.

Someone (?) has sent me the BFI Film Festival catalogue and I’m really sad that I can’t go now

It’s October 3rd!!


Hey pals and Good Evening to you all,

I’m about to have veg Thai red curry for dinner, same as yesterday. Can’t wait! Although I did have a sudden and furious craving for Fish n chips earlier which almost got the better of us.

Dinner, IPL while watching some TV then a spot of reading before bed.

Oh! I had my eyes tested this afternoon and my left eye is proper going for it, if going for it means getting worse at a rapid pace. I’ve gone from a - 4 to - 5! Also gone down or up .25 in my right eye.
Anyway, I have ordered some new glasses :nerd_face:
The optician said I needed a separate test for contact lenses… But I’m planning to order them online cos cheaper. I don’t ACTUALLY nnwd a contact lenses check up do I? I can just write my new prescription on the website.
Right? Yeah.


It has also made me wonder how the BFI have my Norwegian address

Had to arrange flowers to a household name today
I know where they live now oooooeer