Wednesday evening thread of inner tube hell but nice dinner afoot



Fucking bought the wrong one didn’t I! Presta valve’s too short to fit through my rim (don’t). Absolute schoolboy error there.

In other news, making a pheasant and Winter 1 vegetable @Elaina_Casseroles in a bit. Dropping some parsnip, cazzers and celeriac in there, bit of red wine, bit of runny honey.



Just about to leave the office.

Taking a long, slow run home.

(feel free to give me kudos on the strava group!)


That casserole sounds delicious!

Just about to leave the office too. Absolutely starving but don’t really want to eat before playing footie.


playing new pokemon. i am so happy.


#2016 can fuck off


I’ve heard so many good things about Sun and Moon! I know the creators have said it isn’t but Gumshoos looks so much like Trump it’s unreal


Thanks man, never made it before so slightly trepidatious but all should be well.


Putting the Greater in Anglia


Putting the Bell in Abellio


Off to see In the Mouth of Madness at the cinema. Going to be great!


holding on for one more day x


How long are you going to let it simmer for?


That dinner sounds bloody lovely though, Jez. Definitely want to get into eating more game.


Gonna pop a lid on it and bang it in the oven for an hour and a half but deep down I know it’ll get to an hour and I’ll constantly check up on it every 2 minutes until it’s right.


Cheers chief! I got strong game game.


Hope you’re OK Bam.



Ah well you wouldn’t want to ruin it!

Are you following a recipe or just Improvising with crossed fingers?


It’s from Gordon Ramsey’s ‘World Kitchen’ book so I’m assuming if I call it a prick a few times it’ll taste delicious.