Wednesday evening thread of mild peril

WUU2, DiS?

I’m listening to Monster and waiting for it to be cool enough outside to open the windows again. Thunderstorm tonight so that should be cool.

The mild peril is that I’m sure someone else is going to start an evening thread.

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Also, Mrs CCB has come back from the allotment*, and the garlic she planted has come out nice. Look at these whoppers! (Supermarket garlic for scale)

*we’ve been given about 1/6th of an allotment. I can’t really claim any credit for it.



Still nice and sunny here, no rain until tomorrow evening supposedly.

Can hear the ice cream van in the distance, not getting my hopes up though because she hasn’t come here for at least a couple of weeks now :frowning:

Had steak, baby potatoes, mange touts and green beans for dinner.

I have been watching the football and will continue to watch more football shortly.


I’ve spent almost all day thinking it was Thursday because my mum comes over on Thursdays and she’s here now. It’s fair to say that I am gutted that it’s only Wednesday. I shouldn’t wish my life away but it has no business being Wednesday today.


Started boot camp today which is just me not eating any junk for a while, of course I’ve spectacularly failed on day one :see_no_evil:

Might squeeze in a workout and then IPL my legs but idk they both sound less good than doing nothing.

I’d dearly love to go for a walk or just be outside at night.


It’s pouring and I need to go out in a bit

That’s going to be my exact post tomorrow morning

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Doing some marking.

Going to:

Watch some football

Eat an ice cream

Still very amused as one of the let messages we got in school today was about maths go slow to go deep :eggplant: Is it Thursday already?? Me and one other colleague were v amused the others seems stupidly immune. :rofl:

Oh! And had spinach and chard from the garden for tea. Very good!


I know it’s not quite the same, but do you think M might want to accompany you after tea one evening? We go for an evening walk occasionally with our girls (my youngest is a couple of years older but not far off).

omg I have never been so happy to see rain in my entire life

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When’s your due date, Pniks? Weather is looking crap for a few days at the very least!

Got a while yet, 15th of September

:frowning: shame you can’t use the rainy day fund to buy actual rainy days

Well yes but we have to walk past all the neighbour’s kids in our shared garden if we go out in the evening and I have to drag her away and she gets upset and I just can’t deal with having to stand there talking to other parents especially if it’s a walk that’s been scuppered. Really wish I had a private garden though I’m so lucky to have the huge one we do, just not ideal for socially awkward hermit people like me.


Made a lentil and cabbage curry, looking forward to bomping all over the shop tomorrow

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Aw okay. Yeah that sounds tricky x

Alright DiS,

It’s pudding down here, and thankfully Jimbo has fallen asleep before the thunder and lightning has started. Fingers crossed he stays asleep.

No noticeable after effects from the jab as yet, so :crossed_fingers: i escape as lightly as I did with the first.

Prawns, grains and sweet chilli for dinner, which was :+1:

Oh and did I mention my joy at the fact that the Portuguese cafe by me has reopened?


eating strawberries for dinner because i’m an adult


Saw Quiet Place 2 in the IMAX cinema this eve! Pretty, pretty, pretty good. (I mean the experience as a whole, the film is alright but very sequel-y)

Also brought home a bunch of flowers for my balcony earlier today, it’s been a very dead and uninspiring place for a long time now so that felt really nice.

I can (and frequently do) think of worse things to have for dinner!